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Littlefoot - This Was UKB - The Sound Of 2 Step Bassline - DJ MIX (2022)

UK Bassline. Do you remember it? Who doesn't remember it? Maybe if you aren't into UKG or any related styles, you might have missed the glory days of Bassline, but I didn't, and I am glad that I experienced it fully. Unfortunately I've never been to a Bassline event: I did sign up to go to Niche, but then it got closed. And I don't know what happened after to Bassline, but it just disappeared from my life completely. Maybe I've moved on, maybe it evolved into something different. Who knows? But at least I was there during its heydays.

I might not have been to the clubs where UKB was played in, but at least I listened to everything the internet had to offer. And I remember scouring the internet for new mixtapes. They were literally everywhere, and I've got thousands of files stored on my computer, all Bassline mixes from back in the day. And most of them won't even be played anymore, but at least I've got them.

Nah, all jokes aside, I do go to my UKB folder sometimes and play the finest mixtapes I can find. It seemed to be a hype, a phase. And it's now hidden away forever. But not if it's up to certain DJs keeping it alive on Soundcloud, YouTube, Mixcloud, and other platforms. One of the mixes I've recently saved (to check out at a later stage) was this one, by someone called Littlefoot. And the list contains the records I heard back in the day, by the producers that rocked the UKB style! Worth checking out!

  1. Emvee & Abi - Look Into My Eyes (Falling)

  2. Burgaboy - Blooper

  3. DJ Q - G6

  4. 1st Born - Imagine

  5. TRC - Back To Fluff

  6. Littlefoot - Sell My Soul

  7. Emvee - Robotnic Dub

  8. DJ Q - Little Man

  9. J.G - Degeneration Sequence (1st Born Remix)

  10. Burgaboy - What's My Name

  11. TRC - OO AA EE

  12. P Money, Blacks & Slickman - Boo You

  13. TRC - Skipping Rope (Littlefoot Remix)

  14. TRC & Teresa - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

  15. DJ Pantha - 10 Outa 10

  16. J.G - Degeneration Sequence

  17. Burgaboy & Miss Fire - Take Off Your Clothes

  18. Burgaboy - Starship

  19. TRC - Ghoulies

  20. Littlefoot - 4th Dimension

  21. Burgaboy & Donaeo - Where's My Mandsem At?

Wow. Haven't heard these songs in a while. Some I've not even encountered before! But whatever my thoughts are on these songs, hearing this wobbling sound just takes me back to the good old days. The sound is just so damn good, but 'dated' too! You can tell it's from the early years of Bassline. You know that makes sense.

Whoever Littlefoot might be, they made a cracking mix. It contains big records, 2 Step focussed songs, by the finest UKB artists, like Burgaboy, TRC, Emvee, 1st Born, Q, and more. And it brings a smile on my face.

We need more mixes like this one. More of this wobbling sounds. And we need to hear this 'early' Bassline sound again. It needs to be revived. I bet that no one would hesitate to jump onto the dancefloor. UKB is just so damn cool, and so groovy too. Especially when you hear tracks like 'Little Man'. Who can sit still when this one is being played out loud, eh?

A very wobbly, happy, and bouncy mix to end the day with. Chill, and enjoy. And think of the glorious lost days of Bassline. Please, bring the sound back. Right NOW!

DJ: Littlefoot

Genre/Style: UKB, Bassline, 2 Step, UKG

Mix Info: Littlefoot - This Was UKB - The Sound Of 2 Step Bassline - DJ MIX

Length Mix: 00:58:12

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 587 MB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 1411kbps

Release Year: 2022

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