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Lost Soul Tribute Mix By Greg Peaks (2020)

Spamming TCD on Facebook can sometimes be successful. Or have the complete opposite effect. It can be seen as a nuisance, or even rude. The worst kind is when someone posts something WITHOUT a tracklist. That just grinds my gears. Not today. Fuck, not today. Today, the day of our Lord, I saw a message being posted about not just one, but two mixes. One was made by Aeon, and the other by Greg Peaks. Seeing as Greg's face was the first one I saw, I decided to check his out first. Don't worry, Aeon fans, his review will come soon, but for now, the focus is solely on Greg Peaks' excellent mix.

Before even writing this review I already shared it on a Dutch music forum, where a handful of Freeform fans are. And I've shared both mixes, with tracklist, and I know they will get good feedback. It's a small community of Freeform fanatics, and I'm glad to be part of it. But now it's time to share this into the worldwide community of Freeform freaks. And they are spread all over the world. I bet that everyone who sees the name Greg Peaks immediately gets a hard one.

But it's not all about him. Well, a bit, but the focus of this mix is the musical genius, who goes by the name of Lost Soul. And truth be told: I do know of the legend that is Lost Soul, but seriously do not have a clue who goes behind the name? Quick look on Discogs gave me the answer, but also maybe something shocking: does Lost Soul actually still make music? Or has his page not been updated for a while? Does anyone actually know?

Well, who gives a flying fishfuck about my opinion? Let's delve straight into the mix, which is made by a legend himself: Greg Peaks. A 2 and a half hour long mix, with only Lost Soul anthems. Get the tissues ready, you will have eargasm after eargasm!

01. Lost Soul - Natural Instinct

02. Lost Soul feat Dark Angel - Deep Space

03. Lost Soul - Speak Your Mind

04. Lost Soul - Mission Control

05. Duncan Oatham - Push The Tempo (Lost Soul Remix)

06. Lost Soul - Mysterious Stranger

07. Lost Soul - Plazma

08. Lost Soul - Dark Side Of The Moon

09. Lost Soul - Garden Of Eden

10. Lost Soul feat Dark Angel - Beyond Salvation

11. Lost Soul feat Vicious Precious - Crazy Light

12. Lost Soul feat Dark Angel - Sacrifice

13. Lost Soul feat Dark Angel - Taking Over Me

14. Lost Soul feat Dark Angel - Mindscape

15. Hyperterminal - Stranger In Paradise (Lost Soul feat Chwhynny Remix)

16. Lost Soul - Love Can Destroy

17. Lost Soul & Endemic - Voice Of The Eclipse

18. Lost Soul & Douglas - False Sense Of Security

19. Lost Soul - Outta My Brain

20. Lost Soul - Payback Time

21. Lost Soul - Enchanted

22. Lost Soul - Too Strong

23. Proteus & Kevin Energy - London Helsinki (Lost Soul Remix)

24. Lost Soul - Outta Control

25. Lost Soul - Silicone Hell

26. Lost Soul - Tentacles Of Love

27. Lost Soul - Nightmare

28. Lost Soul - Zombie With A Chainsaw

29. Lost Soul - The Answer

30. Lost Soul - Artificial Universe

31. Lost Soul - Terminator

32. Eryk Orpheus - PVC (Lost Soul Remix)

33. Lost Soul - Warlock

34. Lost Soul - Human Being

Freeform fans, have you used all of your tissues yet? My God, what a blinding set. I forgot how many awesome and beautiful records Lost Soul has made! Of course I have come across many of his anthems over the years, but I forgot that he made so many! It's sick, this mix. Greg's selection is truly awesome, and he's done a great job mixing them all together into this seamlessly sounding mix. Leave that to Greg, he'll get the job done.

I'm really impressed with Lost Soul's musical ability to be strong, tough, and yet gentle, all at the same time. He takes us into a new dimension, a heavenly dimension, yet he rips us a new arsehole at the same time. It's beautiful though, don't get my incorrectly phrased emotion wrong.

He's definately in my top 5 of all time Freeform producers, and many will have him high on their list too. Oh gosh, the quality of each record is beyond belief. 34 amazing records. Thanks Greg, for making me pick one of out these as my favourite, but I think I found one. It was hard.

'Mindscape'. Never heard that one before, but what a beast! A new arsehole? He rupture me completely with this record. My last 4 braincells have left my body, and I'm now in a zombie like state. And I am freaking loving it. Sitting here with a hard cock, just loving life. And still not understanding why Freeform is so underrated?

Greg, excellent mix. Aeon, your mix will be reviewed soon. But fuck me, it will be difficult to compare your mix to this beast of a mix. Lost Soul is just a boss. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I end this review. I should simply shut the fuck up, and let Greg's mix speak for itself. BEAST MODE ON!

DJ: Greg Peaks

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: Lost Soul Tribute Mix

Length Mix: 02:31:44

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 352 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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