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M@rt!n-J - 00's UK Hardcore (2020)

We are all still inside, bored stiff. Unless you are me, and you are extremely busy. Searching the world wide internet for music. And sometimes, and I have to underline the word sometimes, you don't even need to do anything! You can just sit on your big ass, and wait. Someone will always throw music at you. Like M@rt!n-J did the other day. He kindly informed me about yet another mix on his Soundcloud page. Guess which kind of music it's focussed on? Yep, UK Hardcore.

He keeps on making excellent mixes, and during this COVID-19 period, it's not going to be any different. This time his focus is on the Millennium UK Hardcore. You know the kind of music: the best there is/was. In this mix he has selected the finest records from 2000-ish, and the result is an stunning mix. I am talking the big guns. He got the big guns out. Seriously impressive tracklist, I do have to say.

So before we continue and talk utter bollocks and how great the music was back then, we should show you the tracklist first. It's a stunner, this tracklist. Some of these I've not heard in years. Underrated. Why does time fly by too damn quickly?

01. Weaver - Falling In (Hixxy Remix)

02. UFO & MC Marley - Connections

03. Goes - Dig It

04. Lukozade - Progression

05. Al Storm & Euphony feat Danielle - Breathe

06. Breeze & Styles - The Beat Kicks

07. Uplift - Midnight Resistance

08. Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler

09. Plus System - Blue Anthem (Remix)

10. UFO - Punk Access

11. Breeze & Styles - Black Magic, Bad Magic (VIP Mix)

12. Breeze & UFO - Take Your Time

13. Hixxy - Only Time (Uplift & Stargazer Remix)

14. Scott Brown - Gang Bang Society

15. UFO - A New Years Day

What a sick looking tracklist. This has given me goosebumps. When I talk about UK Hardcore, THIS is the kind I'm referring to. The Millennium sound. Gosh, nothing made nowadays can come close. M@rt!n-J, your mix is sick. Truly sick. I've really enjoyed this, and the passion for the early Millennium sound has risen again.

God, the Millennium is 20 years ago. These tracks still sound dope, and fucking fresh. Got to give the DJ the credit for selecting these anthems. Of course he had to add a few well known anthems in here, but also a few forgotten classics. And the one I had never heard before, is the one I fell in love with completely! You have to remember that when I discovered this, I was still living in the Netherlands, and was the only one who would really appreciated it. I felt special. Unique. Different. And I couldn't care less.

Seriously, what a good mix. It's has a few small errors, but nothing major. Impressive.

The best record? Well, 'Only Time'. I get early Freeform vibes when I hear this record. Pure slammer. Why don't I hear this more often? Bring back the early sound, and do it right NOW!

It's also a free download, so go mad!

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: 00's UK Hardcore

Length Mix: 01:11:32

Tracks:15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 171.7 MB

File Type: mp3

Sample Rate: 44kHz

More Information: M@rt!n-J - Soundcloud Page

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