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M@rt!n-J - Best Of Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Vol. 2 (2019)

Ah! M@rt!n-J is back with yet another slamming mix. You thought I nearly forgot about him, the regular to this site? He's back with a brand new mix. About 8 months ago he made the first mix, focussing on the first Slammin Vinyl's Hardcore Heaven, and now, as you guessed it, it's time for the second instalment. Which is probably the best mix, containing records from volume 2 of this successful series. It's an epic series, and this mix has already reached 19.6k plays within 12 days! That's impressive!

But let's focus on the actual mix and its content. It's taken from the CD released back in 2005. And I think I had it shipped to me from the UK to the Netherlands (I was still living there), and it did cost me quite a fortune. The first one was a catch for me, and when the second one was presented, I had to get it. The third one was good also. Sadly the fourth instalment wasn't my favourite, but still good. But this series proved to be successful, and I'm still wondering why they stopped releasing these? In a short lifespan of 2 years they released these (2005-2006) and stopped.

Thankfully Hardcore Underground took over the rights, and now releases a revamped version of this series. But it's not the same. This was released during UK Hardcore's best years. The music from 2005 and 2006 cannot be beaten. Hence why this mix already reached so many plays: people are craving the old sound.

Let me show you the tracklist. You will weep. You will feel nostalgic. This is what we are missing!

01. Force & Styles - Pacific Sun (Sy & Unknown Remix)

02. Gammer - Mind Blowing

03. DJ Kurt - Break The Law

04. Brisk & Ham - In Your Life (Gammer Remix)

05. Joey Riot - Hardcore 2 Da Bone

06. Al Twisted & DJ JFX - In Comes

07. Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes (Vagabond Remix)

08. Deeper Territory - Deep Space

09. Brisk & Vagabond - Night & Dayz

10. AMS - Check This Out

11. Kevin Energy - Waves Of Desire (Mark Ashley & K-Complex Remix)

12. Kevin Energy - Feel The Heat

13. Eryk Orpheus & Mark Ashley - The Tormentor

14. Eryk Orpheus - I'm The Daddy

15. Sharkey & Oli G - Sci-Fi

16. The Stunned Guys - You Will Survive

That's a nicely balanced mix. One half UK Hardcore, and the other half Freeform (and one Gabber track). Oh yeah!

The first section of this mix focusses on the UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore side of the second instalment. And it does contain those classic dancefloor smashers! The ones still doing damage in 2019. The second section focusses on the Freeform side, and these (to me) are the forgotten gems. For me this is the kind of Freeform that needed more development, and it needed to turn into the music it is nowadays. It wasn't there yet. I'd rather listen to newskool Freeform than the older stuff. But it's the opposite for me for UK Hardcore. Give me 2005-2006 UK Hardcore all days long.

M@rt!n-J, credit for making yet another wicked mix. No flaws. Just picture perfect. And him asking us 'if people get interested' he might do a volume 3? That's not even a question mate, just fecking do it! We need these mixes a lot!

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Freeform, Gabber

Mix Info: Best Of Slammin Vinyl Hardcore Heaven Vol. 2

Length Mix: 01:11:07

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 162 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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