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MANGLED @ Clubland USA (2018)

Soundcloud is my friend. Whenever I need to find new music, I do so by just going onto Soundcloud. And without too much exploring, I will always find new music. Like I did the other day! I came across this set by Mangled, recorded at Clubland USA, in Los Angeles on the 7th of July of this year. Of course I wasn't there (I live in the UK, would be a bit weird to fly to the USA to experience Clubland, when it's literally on my doorstep), but thankfully Soundcloud made me aware of the surprise set of the night.

Judging by the positive comments, people seemed to love Mangled. I had never heard of them before, so this is my introduction into Mangled. But let me just point out the names of the acts performing at this Clubland event: Ian Van Dahl, Ultrabeat, Flip and Fill, Zoe van West, and of course Mangled.

I don't know much about Mangled, so let's focus on the tracklist. And for those who were looking for a nostalgic set, check this out:

01. Candee Jay - If I Were You

02. Al Storm & Euphony - All I Wanna Do

03. IYF & Nobody feat Roxie - Like A Prayer

04. Angel City - Sunrise (Chaos Remix)

05. Scott Brown - Do What Ya Like (Macks Wolf Remix)

06. Squad-E vs Dougal & Gammer - You U Eye I

07. DJ Magical - Rush Hour (Jaw D Remix)

08. Hixxy, Ramos, Protocol & Dubzie - Open Your Eyes

09. Anthem Pwer - So Sweet

10. Raving Donkey - Away

11. Cascada - Can't Get Enough (Squad-E Remix)

12. Cascada - Miracle (HHC Remix)

This brings back memories! Nostalgic feelings. They've added a few slammers from back in the day, like the records from Cascada, Angel City, and let's not forget Candee Jay! Boy, when you realise how 'old' these records are, it makes you feel old too. But they are still classics.

Again, I'm not familiar with Mangled, but their set is amazing! This is what I want to hear! A bit of the old sound, incorporated with the new sound. How cool is this set? I have really enjoyed it. Even the cheesy 'Like A Prayer' sounds appealing to me.

I fully understand the positive comments after the event. People seemed to loved it. And if I was there, I would have let myself go completely! This is my guilty pleasure. I would sing these anthems out loud (probably be the loudest thing you would ever see), and stomp my feet until they would bleed. 'I need a miraaaaclllleeeee'. Bloody hell, what a wicked set!

Best record? Oh, not that easy. But I think 'Sunrise' is the best for me. But followed up are 'Can't Get Enough', 'Away', and 'All I Wanna Do'.

A wonderful set. Can't find a single negative thing. Put on your cheesy glasses, and rave away. This set put a smile on my face for 50 minutes, and after the set I will still keep on smiling.

Act: Mangled

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Clubland USA

Length Liveset: 00:49:34

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 500 MB

File Type: .wav

Bitspeed: 1411kbps

More Information: Mangled - Facebook Fanpage

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