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Mark Neenan - Thatchers Vintage 505 Lockdown Mix (April 2020)

Techno,. Ever heard of it? Of course you have. If you are a connoisseur of the harder styles, you know it's a specific genre, and has been a stable one since the late 80s/early 90s. If you are a noob, you might call everything hard and fast Techno. You are clearly wrong. But that's OK, we are here to help, and support when necessary. The mix you are about to listen to, isn't anything else. It is pure Techno. Something Eminem rapped about, remember? Techno. Yes.

It's by Mark Neenan, this mix. You might have seen a few mixes of him in the past, and now he's back with a new one. But I'm not sure what this mix is about? I'm guessing it was made for a radio station? Never heard of Thatchers Vintage 505? The name is linked to a person who has the same surname, who has Margaret as first name, and who took away school milk and closed down the mines. But she's got f**k all to do with it, right? If she does, how come I never knew that she liked Techno?

Mark is also part of the Filth Infatuated label, so you will obviously hear music from that label. But it's kind of dark, this Techno mix. And a bit acid-y. It is a mix you want to hear on this beautiful Saturday morning. It isn't annoying or in your face kind of Techno though, so if you have just woken up, you will be woken up in a pleasant way.

Let's check out the tracklist. And again, if you are a connoisseur, you might go nuts after seeing this tracklist.

  1. Alex Jann - Blue Moon Rising

  2. cLIENT 03 - Am I Reaching You

  3. A-Future - No Era (Alex Jann's Planet Transmit Remix)

  4. SQNCR69 - 310919

  5. Cri Du Coeur - Diaphragm (Kaiser Remix)

  6. Euan Colston - C13H16CINO

  7. Mark Neenan - Not Another Covid Track

  8. A.P. & Sted Hellvis - Blank Input

  9. Lasawers & Lfsc - Atomik

  10. Miss Adk - Hexadecimal (Carara Remix Part 1)

  11. Grindvik & Pfirter - Neu

  12. Glenn Wilson & The Anxious - Direct 1

  13. WISER - Badman

  14. Jay Tommy - Hidden Addiction

  15. Strap On Sally - Choker

  16. Maria Singer & Javi Lago - Blank Word

  17. Booty Slave & D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Eyes Meet

  18. Ceph20 - Rendlesham

  19. Bauernfeind - Kowloon City

You are probably reading this, and thinking: '' mmmm, should I give this a go?''. Well, the answer to that is yes. Techno can be listened to 24/7, 364 days of the year. We will give the Christmas fanboys and girls (and other genders) that day to hear Mariah do her thing, and for Buble to come out of his cave. But all the other days are Techno, full of Techno.

Mark Neenan's mix is tight. Very tight. I've been listening to his mixes over the years, and they have always been good. Not heard one shitty mix from him. So yeah, trust TCD when I say that Mark knows a thing or two about making good Techno mixes. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a good mix.

The records actually take me back to the early 2000s. They have got this vibe surrounding them, similar to the tracks made then. I'm loving it a lot. This would be the kind of music I would go nuts to on the dancefloor at events such as Innercity, Sensation Black, Mysteryland, etc. I do really like the early 2000s sound, it's so unique and catchy. And again, not in your face. That's what we like to hear.

I'm a lover of Techno, but not an expert. So forgive me for not knowing who made the track around the 51 minute mark, but that's my favourite. If you are an expert, please leave a comment below.

A wonderful mix, and you can download this too for free. Check it out on Mark's Soundcloud page!

DJ: Mark Neenan

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: Thatchers Vintage 505 Lockdown Mix (April 2020)

Length Mix: 00:59:45

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Type: mp3

File Size: 151 MB

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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