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Mark Sherry - Christmas Bangers (December 2019)

Christmas is about to happen. Next week it's the most festive time of year, and we will all be submerged in thousands of presents. And let's not forget the food. Oh boy, the food. Christmas, what are we actually celebrating? I completely forgot the meaning of Christmas. What I do know, is that Soundcloud is our friend before and after Christmas. No one posts anything on Christmas day, but before and after you will see a lot of free mixes. Sometimes month mixes, sometimes even year mixes. And I found one for you all. A brilliant mix by Mark Sherry. And it's hard and rough.

I had to Google who Mark Sherry is, what his background story is. I've seen a bit here and there, but never delved into his past. And it turned out to be an interesting one. Public Domain anyone? Nah, not the Gabber group from the mid 90s, but the hit machine who had the smash hit 'Operation Blade' in 1999. And not only that, he had shit loads of records released on big labels such as Armada, High Contrast, Spinnin, and Outburst Records, to name just a few. It's someone who knows a thing or two about music. So it's no secret that this mix is going to be a good 'un.

If you were hoping for a nice mellowed out Trance mix, you are going to be disappointed. This mix has got everything you could wish for: Techno, Hard House, Trance, and other styles I cannot name because I can't be arsed. A few of his own productions in here, so a very nice treat from mr Sherry. Christmas has come early this year!

01. O.R.B. - Liquid 999 (Original Mix)

02. Tobias Lueke - Elements (Original Mix)

03. A.S.Y.S. & T78 - AC_ID (Original Mix)

04. DJ One Finger - One Finger (O.R.B. Remix)

05. Thick As Thieves - Collide (Extended Mix)

06. Mark Sherry & KETNO - Space Monkey (Extended Mix)

07. i_o - Rave 444 (Original Mix)

08. Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto - Celestial Body (Extended Mix)

09. Tiesto - Carpe Noctum (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)

10. Mark Sherry - Sangre Caliente (Scot Project Remix)

11. EverLight - Extortion (Original Mix)

12. Richard Tanselli - Let Me Take You (Extended Mix)

13. Gentech - Change Your Heart (Extended Mix)

14. Renegade System - Hedgehog (Extended Mix)

15. Scot Project - H (Hypnotise) (Extended Mix)

A wonderful mix. It won't get you in the Xmas zone, but it's still something good to listen to. If you were hoping for Christmas bangers, in the sense of Techno/Trance remixes of Christmas songs, you will be disappointed. Severly disappointed. But I'm guessing there must be some sort of mix for those people online. But for now, it's a full on Techno/Trance mix with seriously impressive anthems. They will surely get us all through the festive season.

It's Friday, and I always have to go through the Dartford tunnel home, and my journey is every day 65 miles to and from work. So plenty of time to listen to music. And this mix, sadly, was played 2 1/2 times today whilst driving. The journey itself was absolutely dreadful, but the music was good, and got me through the journey. So many great records selected by Mark Sherry, and carefully mixed together.

I can only give credit to Mark for making this wicked mix. And it's just jam packed with 15 amazing records. Yes, the Techno sound is amazing, but the Trancey records are the ones killing it for me in this mix. Especially the last record. Scot Project, who can hate what this man produces? He's a dancefloor anthem machine, and with 'H' he has simply done it again. I'm truly fascinated by his producing skills.

Get this mix down ya. Have a glass of wine, or whatever beverage you prefer, open a pack of Xmas chocolates, and enjoy yourself. You need this mix. And I did too. I am happier for finding this absolute monster of a mix!

DJ: Mark Sherry

Genre/Style: Techno, Hard Techno, Trance, Tech-Trance, Hard Trance

Mix Info: Christmas Bangers (December 2019)

Length Mix: 01:02:36

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 143 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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