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Martyna @ Fatality Outdoor Festival 2018

I know what you are thinking: it's Monday, 15:46, and you are writing a review, what's going on TCD? Should you be at work? Well, not today, I've got a day off, and had both the car and myself serviced (that sounds wrong). So now I've got plenty of time to relax, and do the things I love. Which is writing about wicked mixes and livesets, and today I'm writing about Martyna's liveset recorded this year at Fatality. It got uploaded a month ago, but due to a hospital visit I have been unable to write about this set. But now I have found it again, and there's no hiding. I need to share this with you all!

Martyna came to my attention a few months ago because of the GPF sharing her mix on social media. And since the first time I heard her mash-up mix I'm hooked. And guess what? She has done it again: a wicked 42 minute long liveset from Fatality, containing 27 records. And she doesn't take any prisoners. She's here to demolish our brain cells. And she has done it extremely well: I'm still sitting here in amazement of her set. So many great anthems, carefully selected and mixed together.

Time for you all to appreciate the tracklist!

01. Martyna - Fatality Mashup

02. Rejecta - Followed

03. Rooler - YES!

04. Gunz For Hire feat Nikki Milou - We Will Be Immortal

05. The Prophet & Deepack - Stampuhh!! (The Prophet's Stamp Remix)

06. Ran-D & Alpha2 - The New Shit (Bass Chaserz Remix)

07. Mark With A K & Warface feat Jasmine McGuinness & DV8 Rocks - Radioactive

08. Deetox & Delete - Unstoppable

09. E-Force & Deetox - Rawness (Rebelion Remix)

10. Rooler - Domination

11. Rebelion & Sub Sonik feat LXCPR - Bring It On

12. Caine - Let's Get Pillz (DJ Thera Remix)

13. Unkind - Fckin With The Best

14. Martyna - Supercrazy

15. Delete - VIP

16. Sasha F & Rooler - Number 23 (Rooler's Ground Zero Edit)

17. Neroz - Pinsir

18. D-Sturb & Malice - Drop Em Down

19. Vazard & Delete - Explosions

20. Radical Redemption - America

21. Warface & Delete - Addicted

22. E-Force - Stresstest (Cut Edit)

23. Killshot - Beastmode (Cut Edit)

24. Delete - Take It Back

25. Warface vs Malice & Rooler - Watch Your Back

26. Delete & Chris One - W4RR10R

Trick: Delete & Warface - The Baddest

27. GPF & Malice - TBA

Wow. Martyna grabs your head and doesn't let go. Fucking hell. This set is really good, and the records selected are really rough, raw, and hard. And that's what I wanted to hear on this majestic Monday.

Whilst everyone is working I am enjoying my day off with her set coming through my speakers. And I couldn't give a shiny shite if anyone in my street don't appreciate it: you still have the option to move. Out of Southgate. This is who I am and what I like, so tough.

Even though the gist of this mix is that she loves Hard styles, she does it to have a nice melody, and nice vocals. She has obviously added some really rough records, but also balanced them out with nice 'sing a long'songs like 'America', 'Unstoppable', 'Stampuhh!!!', 'We Will Be Immortal' and more. But which of these 27 records is my favourite?

'America'. I have been appreciating this record more and more, and it's one of my favourite records of all time. A true crowd pleaser.

And Martyna is also a crowd pleaser. Can't find anything wrong with this set. Press play or download it, do whatever you like. As long as you listen to it.

DJ: Martyna

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Freestyle

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Fatality 2018

Length Liveset: 00:42:25

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 97.1 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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