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Mauro Picotto Live @ Innercity 2001

I am terribly sorry, but I do not care. I know I only wrote a review a couple of days ago, of a Mauro Picotto set, but since that moment I have been hooked on the early 2000 sound that he (and others) made. And back in 2001 he played at this event called Innercity, and sadly this is an event that most of us don't even remember anymore. This was a cool concept at the time, but for multiple reasons it wasn't profitable enough to sustain a good future, so it died. Thankfully you and me, we've got the memories.

I am not sure if I actually went to this event. I know I've been to a few Innercity's, but if 2001 was also on the list, I can't remember. I think I went there. Stupid intoxicated Dutchman, you should remember things.

Anyway, I had to quickly Google the line up, and it was a good looking one: Anthony Pappa, Benjamin Bates, James Holden, Lucien Foort, Per, Denis, Junior Sanchez, Marnix, Smokin' Jo, Yousef, Benny Rodrigues, Marco V, Sven Vath, X-Press 2, Asenal, At Jazz, Ernest Bonzet, Jef K, Kareem, Monte la Rue, Chris Liebling, Dave Clarke, Sir Jamez, T-Quest, Terence Fixmer, EZ, Femme Fatale, Gomes, Groovemaster Johnson, Joost van Bellen, and of course, Mauro Picotto. How's that for a diverse line-up?

The event was held at the Amsterdam Rai, and the maximum capacity was 45.000 people. And for only 50 guilders you had a brilliant night out. The reviews on Partyflock aren't that great: the event gets an OK rating. And the CD that followed was also 'OK'. Not the best CD of Innercity's back catalogue, but the coolest thing was the fact that this was a hybrid CD. Literally one side would have the CD (which obviously had the music on it), and the other side would be a DVD with video of the event. It got ruined by my CD player quickly: it didn't like this thick CD crossover.

Anyway, the event. Mauro Picotto. A legend. He does not need any introduction. And once you have been captured by this Millennium sound, you are hooked. You don't believe me? Just check my recently played songs on Soundcloud: they are ALL Mauro Picotto tracks! And hearing these excellent tunes makes me want to purchase a 'Best Of' CD. I need MORE Mauro Picotto. But for now, let's just enjoy this live recording.

  • Fabio MC - Klaude

  • Mauro Picotto - Like A Dog

  • Secret Cinema - Acid Come

  • Speedy J - Krekc

  • Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Mi Casa Es Su Casa

  • Intergalactic Phonk - The Source (Devilfish Remake)

  • Sharpside - Space Cruising

  • Mauro Picotto - Verdi

  • Dariush - Ira

  • Ricky Le Roy - One Day (Big Bass Mix)

  • Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (Picotto Verdi Mix)

  • Ricky Effe - Rectifier

  • Square - Unknown Synthetic

  • Marco Zaffiarano - Re-Taek (Tedesco Mix)

  • Chris Liebling - Stigmata 8 (A1)

  • Gabry Fasano - Reaktor

  • Innerdrive feat Dhakela - Absolutely Necessary

  • 1st Bass - Slam Me Down

  • Umek - Gatex

  • Max Walder - God's Creation (Picotto Remix)

  • Marco Zaffiarano & Sasha Barth - Insane

  • Livio Tracks - Perpetue

  • Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Mauro Picotto Remix)

  • Fabio MC - Percutor M

  • Mauro Picotto - Hong Kong

In all my years I've not been this happy before. I might have done, but never really paid attention. What I can say, is that I think I have found my all time favourite DJ. It is difficult, seeing as I never know who to vote for, but Mauro is just superb! I've not come across a set which disappointed me. Yes, most of the sets which were recorded around the Millennium contain a few reoccurring anthems, but I couldn't care less.

Fuck it, I will say it: the sounds created around the Millennium were much better! Techno is great, no doubt about that, but give me that Millennium sound, any given day I would choose that over anything else. And it's a shame that you don't hear it that often. So it's a nice and warm welcome to hear this set today, on this boring and shitty Monday.

I can tell you that this is one of the best sets I've ever heard. Yes, it might contain a few small mixing errors, but remember: these were the days when DJs had to mix, using a turntable or two or more and a mixer. And as good as they tried to make it, errors do occur. But nothing major though.

So many epic anthems in here, and I'm not going to be picking a Mauro Picotto track. That would be too obvious. 'Pulsar' was and still is a dancefloor destroyer. But in this instance I will pick 'Krekc' by Speedy J, and 'Perpetue' by Livio Tracks as my two favourite records of Mauro's set. 'Krekc' being the superb one, closely followed by 'Perpetue'.

Only love and appreciation for this set, and for the DJ, and the lost concept by ID&T. God, I miss the golden years of Dance music.

DJ: Mauro Picotto

Genre/Style: Techno

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Innercity 2001

Length Liveset: 01:57:05

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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