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MEGAMIX HardcorePower Top100 2022

Another day, another review. And this time it's a megamix, with only Hardcore anthems in them. And you know I'm a sucker for Hardcore music. It doesn't matter if it's 90s, Millennium or present day Hardcore. I love it all. Obviously the 90s a bit more, Millennium is also one of my favourite eras, but yeah, everything Hardcore related I'll absorb like a sponge. So you know exactly what happened when I spotted this mix, which was uploaded onto HardcorePower's Soundcloud channel... I had to press play, and emerge myself into this megamix.

One of the first things I've noticed is how many tracks are in this mix. A hundred, to be precise. Another thing I noticed is the length of this mix. Well, the shortness of it. 100 tracks in a nearly 29 minute long mix. So there's not a long time to enjoy each record: it's literally a megamix. Hits are thrown at you at unspeakable speed. Final thing noticed by yours truly was the tracklist: after listening to just a handful of minutes, I noticed that this wasn't in order as it was mixed. So that was a tad confusing.

I've never encountered the station HardcorePower before, so I'm not sure who's behind it. But I'm guessing they did a top 100 after people voted for their favourite Hardcore anthem, right? It isn't the easiest thing to determine the BEST Hardcore anthem of all time, because there are so many. After quickly looking at the tracklist I would have voted for at least 70% of the records selected, so I wouldn't be participating in this, as I can't make a clear decision.

Now those that are familiar with this radio station, can you clarify something for me? The list, which you can find here (or underneath the mix on Soundcloud): is that the list as it stands? So number 1 is Nosferatu? Is the list the 100 in chronological order? Or is it just a list of the 100 records people selected, not in any order?

  1. Nosferatu - The Only Life I'll Ever Know

  2. Miss K8 - You Can't Stop Me

  3. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It

  4. The Prophet - Wanna Play?

  5. Tha Playah & Never Surrender - Hardcore Door Je Donder

  6. Mad Dog - The Beat

  7. Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka

  8. Angerfist & Tha Playah - The Prophecy

  9. Turbulence 'N Terrorists - 6 Million Ways To Die

  10. Ophidian - The Sky On Fire

  11. Mad Dog - Reset

  12. Furyan - Bass Journey

  13. D-Fence - Pompen

  14. Project Omeaga - Prednison Attack

  15. Ophidian & DJ Ruffneck - So Many Sacrifices

  16. Ophidian - Bring On The Orchestra (Harmony Of Hardcore Anthem 2019)

  17. Neophyte - Braincracking

  18. G-Shock - Demons (DJ Promo Mix)

  19. Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle

  20. Unexist - Attack (Mad Dog Mix)

  21. G-Town Madness & The Viper - Come As One

  22. Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twisted World (The Viper Mashup Mix)

  23. Tschabos - Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter)

  24. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker

  25. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

  26. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker

  27. G-Town Madness vs The Viper - Buck 'Em Down

  28. Promo - I Come Correct

  29. Black Knight - Back To Tha 'O' School

  30. Rexanthony - For You Marlene

  31. Amnesys - Refly

  32. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ

  33. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski - Young Birds

  34. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (DJ Cerla Rave Mix)

  35. Diss Reaction - Jiieehaaaa

  36. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Go Get Busy

  37. Kasparov - People!

  38. Bertocucci Feranzano - XTC Love

  39. Re-Style - Get It Crackin'

  40. Tha Playah - Walking The Line

  41. Nosferatu & Mindustries - Last Of Your Kind

  42. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies

  43. Mindustries - Playing The Game

  44. Enzyme X - Dissonant Poetry (2nd Verse By Ophidian & Ruffneck)

  45. Ophidian & Tapage - The Mine

  46. The Mover & Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear

  47. Meagashira - End Of Line

  48. Promo & X-Ess - Vicious Circle

  49. Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never

  50. Miro - Shining

  51. 3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love

  52. Sefa - Leven = Lijden

  53. Destructive Tendencies vs F.Noize - Ameno (Mad Dog & Unexist Remix)

  54. Nosferatu & Gridkiller - Dark Conclusions

  55. Angerfist - Send Me To Hell

  56. Inferno Bros - Slaves To The Rave

  57. Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Mix)

  58. The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul feat MC Ruffian - Thrillseeka

  59. Ophidian - Butterfly

  60. G-Town Madness - Silence

  61. Dione - The Switch

  62. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments

  63. Wreck Reality - Bone Chilling Hardcore

  64. Party Animals - Used & Abused

  65. Miss K8 & Angerfist - Bogota (2020 Refix)

  66. Lenny Dee - The Dreamer

  67. Destructive Tendencies & Partyraiser - Sound Becomes One

  68. French Connection - French Connection

  69. The Horrorist - Flesh Is The Fever

  70. Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist

  71. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - DJ Fuck

  72. Obscurity - Big Time

  73. Tellurian - Guyver

  74. Remzcore - Sweater Weather

  75. Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka

  76. Rob Gee - Ecstasy, You Got What I Need

  77. Sefa & Dr. Peacock feat Chrono - Das Boot

  78. Nosferatu & Spitnoise - Braindead Lunatic

  79. 50% Of The Dreamteam - The Thundertheme

  80. T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Achtung 2010 (Angerfist Mix)

  81. Korsakoff - Re-Bottled

  82. Promo & Digital Boy - Serious Damage

  83. Dione - Pain Till I Die

  84. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone

  85. Angerfist - Take U Back

  86. Kasparov feat MC Raw - We Will Dominate (Angerfist Mix)

  87. Miss K8 - Icebreaker (Nosferatu Mix)

  88. Neophyte & Evil Activities - Alles Kapot

  89. Tommyknocker - Sometimes

  90. Genetic Waste - Genetic Waste

  91. The Masochist - No New Style

  92. Anime - Bitches

  93. Noize Suppressor - The Return Of Bike's Drum (The Outside Agency Mix)

  94. Knightvision - Who Is It

  95. Neophyte & Evil Activities - One Of These Days

  96. Promo - Airwalker (Omi Mix)

  97. Noize Suppressor - Fingherz

  98. Angerfist - Street FIghter

  99. Paul Elstak - Still Love U More (The Viper Mix)

  100. Outblast - Masters Symphony (Evil Activities R3F!K5)

This genuinely hurt my wrists. I had to type the whole tracklist, and seeing as it's 100 records in it, it's a lot of words. And it might be painful, it's all worth it!

Initially, the tracklist looked good, and the mix sounded good. But then, after a while, it made me wonder. The tracks selected, some are missing from this list, and some shouldn't even be on here. I know it's difficult to please everyone, and these are just my own opinions, but some records aren't worth it, being in the top 100. But that's what you get, when everyone votes for their favourite records. Youngsters will select the tunes that dominate the charts now, when I on the other hand would pick the older anthems. I could fill a list of 100 records will only records released pre 2010.

It's a nice mix with a few wicked anthems, certainly worth being mentioned in the top 100. It's literally a mixture of everything. Impressive how they managed to cram in 100 records in a 28 minute long mix. I couldn't do it. A lot of cutting and pasting, right? This could be a good mix for you all to work out to? Go to the gym and crank up the volume?

As good as this mix is, I've got mixed feelings. Again, my personal opinion, but some aren't worth it being in a top 100. They are good records, don't get me wrong, but not the finest record ever made by any artist. And at certain stages it's a bit too crammed. 28 minutes is OK, 58 minutes would be a bit better.

You still get the Hardcore coming at you through your speakers. So who am I, complaining about anything, right? I am a miserable old geezer.

DJ: HardcorePower Radio

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore, Millennium, Uptempo, Industrial, Frenchcore

Mix Info: MEGAMIX HardcorePower Top100 2022

Length Mix: 00:28:41

Tracks: 100 (hundred)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 69.7 MB

File Type: mo3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023

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