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Monkey Kong Presents: The D-Sturb Special (2019)

The other day I reviewed KELTEK's Defqon.1 mix, and in it, one of the dopest records selected by KELTEK was made by Da Tweekaz and D-Sturb. Quickly after discovering 'Anything', I went on the hunt for something D-Sturb related, and I came across this mix by Monkey Kong. Of course I've seen D-Sturb's name before, but I'm not fully into who's who in the scene, so I went for a quick search. This young producer has been raising eyebrows in a good way since mid 10s, and has been a favourite for many, producing dope anthems.

After browsing for some information, to find out who's behind D-Sturb, I quickly became bored. Not because his history is boring, but because I'm not really that into that kind of information: I'd rather listen to music instead of reading about artist's history. So I quickly went back to Monkey Kong's mix, and the thing that struck me immediately, is the fact that they used a lot of awesome records, and that D-Sturb worked with the finest names in the Hardstyle/Rawstyle scene: Radical Redemption, E-Force, Act Of Rage, Warface, Nolz, Requiem, and more.

If you are into Hardstyle/Rawstyle and love what D-Sturb makes, you'd better turn up the volume and make sure you are ready for an hour of awesome music. 35 records in 58 minutes: a full on megamix.

01. D-Sturb - On Your Mark

02. D-Sturb & Requiem - Ain't Changing Me

03. D-Sturb - Ready To Roll

04. D-Sturb & Alee - Party At My Place

05. D-Sturb - Ancient

06. D-Sturb - Losing Myself

07. Warface & D-Sturb feat Emese - Pull The Killswitch

08. D-Sturb & MC Nolz - Conflict Override

09. D-Sturb - High Power (The Next Level Remix)

10. Da Tweekaz & D-Sturb - Anything

11. D-Sturb feat Emese - Legacy

12. Warface & D-Sturb - Open Your Eyes

13. Rebelion - Rawfare (D-Sturb Remix)

14. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Ride On Our Enemies

15. D-Sturb - Anxious

16. MC Nolz & D-Sturb - Speak What You Know

17. Warface & D-Sturb - Drown

18. D-Sturb feat MC Nolz - Aiming For The Top

19. D-Sturb - Unbeatable

20. D-Sturb - Marked For Death

21. D-Sturb - Until It's Gone (The Next Level Remix)

22. D-Sturb feat Emese - The Ultimate

23. D-Sturb & High Voltage - Universe

24. D-Sturb - The Next Level Mashup

25. D-Sturb - Apocalyptic Darkness (The Next Level Remix)

26. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Kill Me

27. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Danger Zone

28. E-Force & D-Sturb - Once Again

29. Frequencerz & E-Force - Attention (D-Sturb The Next Level Remix)

30. Act Of Rage & D-Sturb - Let The Games Begin

31. Warface & Frequencerz - Menace (D-Sturb The Next Level Remix)

32. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Testarossa

33. D-Sturb & Malice - Drop 'Em Down

34. D-Sturb - Obey

35. D-Sturb - Nothing Like The Oldschool

That was genuinly a power hour! Bloody Nora, I've not sat still at all! Couldn't believe Monkey Kong using 35 records in 58 minutes, and it turned out to be superb! I've heard a few 'megamixes' recently, and I'd say that the quality was poor. This one is the complete oppossite: nice and refreshing, really keeping the listeners hooked to D-Sturb and Monkey Kong's fast paced mixing.

There are 35 excellent records to select from, but I've selected two: if you disagree, I'm not really bothered about that. But my two favourite D-Sturb records in this mix has got to be 'Conflict Override' and 'Universe'. Fight me. But I find these two records absolutely amazing, and they had me going completely ape (see what I did here, Monkey Kong?). Of course it wasn't easy to select these, but I found these two standing out from the rest.

I can go on and on about D-Sturb and Monkey Kong, but I don't want to: we all got things to do on this boring and rainy Sunday, so let me just push you towards this mix, press play, and let this our long mix rule your life. Be it only for an hour, but within those 58 minutes your ears will say 'thank you' multiple times. Earporn this is.

DJ: Monkey Kong

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle

Mix Info: Monkey Kong Presents: The D-Sturb Special

Length Mix: 00:58:13

Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Monkey Kong - Soundcloud Page

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