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Narkotik - In Memorium: An Early Terror Mix (2023)

''I am in a world, full of shit''. Yes, not the best way to start a review, but those are lyrics from one of the songs used in this mix. Yes, this mix is violent, but the music is glorious. Early Terror music from the 90s, who doesn't love it? If this isn't your cup of tea, please go to another review, one that is more suitable for you. But this review will specifically be focussed on the Early Terror sound and the mix made by Narkotik. And it is indeed crammed with those glorious anthems, some underrated or forgotten. Early Terror is so damn good, and we should be hearing more mixes like this one. I just never seem to find any on Soundcloud.

If you weren't alive during the 90s, or too young, you might have missed this sub genre being created, and gaining a specific kind of ravers. You had your die-hard Hardcore fanatics, but the Terror scene required a specific kind to join: those that were in it just for the music, and they had to love the harder, rougher, and faster BPMs. It has become a group of die-hard fanatics, and I do consider myself a Terror fan.

Would I be listening to Terror 24/7? Got to be honest, and say no. It would drive me mad after a while. But for a few hours a day I can tolerate it.

But today I will listen to it, and already has this mix given me enough energy to get through today. The power of Terror music, especially the early stuff, is beyond belief. I fell in love with it around 1997, and to this day I am in awe of the early stuff. It is so violent and rough, but for me, it is perfect. I see and hear the beauty in Terror music that most non-Terror fans might not hear. They hear noise, I hear a beautifully orchestrated song. A song that makes sense.

Narkotik, what's he got in store for us on this glorious yet dark Wednesday?

  1. Delta 9 - Tough Guy

  2. Roger - The Ultimate Fight (DJ Buby & Stunned Guys R Evolution)

  3. Delta 9 - Baked

  4. Stunned Guys - Fuck All

  5. Delta 9 - No More Regrets

  6. The Destroyer - Toasted Dork (Heary Mix)

  7. Delta 9 - Son Of A Bitch

  8. DJ Dano - Terror Is Timeless!!

  9. D.O.A. - You're Dead

  10. D.O.A. - Extreme Gangsta

  11. The Destroyer - Street Fuckers

  12. DJ 8MIX - Children, Get Up (The Destroyer Remix)

  13. U.V.C. - U.V.C.

  14. The Shaftman - Shaftman (Delta 9 Remix)

  15. Delta 9 - Real Hardcore 98

  16. D.O.A. - Unleash The Brutality

  17. Micropoint - Ping Machine

  18. Delta 9 - War Machine

  19. Delta 9 - Watch Yer Back

  20. Delta 9 - The Hate Tank

  21. Narotic vs U.V.C. - The Kings Are Back

  22. D.O.A. - NYC Speedcore

  23. D.O.A. - Brooklyn Mob

  24. The Destroyer - Fuck The Dream

  25. Sonic Overkill - I'll Be Watching You Die

  26. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror III

  27. Nukom - Raise Your Hands

  28. Suicide Squad - Fuckcore

  29. Mibo - Ultimate Destroy

  30. Jack Lucifer - 96 Knights (To The Death Mix)

  31. Sandkorn - Violent 2 Part 1

  32. DJ Freak - Save Your Prayers

  33. Nasenbluten - Intellectual Killer

This could have easily been called 'The Delta 9 and D.O.A. appreciation mix'. So many of their records are in here. But is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Their music was blasting through my speakers during the 90s, and it was quite annoying for my parents to hear. But hey, I was a kid, and I was into this kind of music. Tough for them. But fuck 'em.

This mix is glorious, and I loved it. It's been an amazing hour of my life that has been filled with these excellent tunes. They all take me back to the harder days, the 90s, when Terror was still a sub genre of Hardcore, and it was still in development. Nowadays it's a standalone genre, but as you can hear from these songs, some were literally Hardcore anthems but just sped up. And voila, you've got Terror music.

But the music meant so much to us. We were happy with the Hardcore scene, but we just needed it to be slightly harder and faster, and more vigorous. And that's when Terror emerged. Aren't we all happy that it did?

So many wicked records in here. Especially the D.O.A. stuff. I love 'NYC Speedcore' and 'Brooklyn Mob'. So distinctive, so unique, so fresh. I loved the US input in the scene.

A solid mix. Sometimes a tad sloppy, but overall a solid mix. Worth a listen.

DJ: Narkotik

Genre/Style: Early Terror

Mix Info: Narkotik - In Memorium: An Early Terror Mix

Length Mix: 01:05:48

Tracks: 33 (thirty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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