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Neophyte - Intents Festival 2016

Yesterday I came across DJ Neophyte's Soundcloud page, which is filled with everything Neophyte related. Including his latest sets and records, but also the early records released during the 90s, including Masters Of Ceremony, Bodylotion, Neophyte, and more. I was in full Neophyte mode yesterday: just look at the liked records in my 'favourite' list on SC, you will see that the last 10 or so are all Neophyte records. Well, mainly Masters Of Ceremony. Gosh, they did release some wicked anthems over the years.

So I was in full Neophyte mode. I wanted to hear a full set, and found one. Thanks to a follower on SC there was a tracklist, so I'm here to present to you all Neophyte's set, recorded at Intents Festival 2016. This well known festival has got the finest artists every year, and even their 2016 edition was a huge success. Those that went there might want to hear this set again, and get ready for the 2019 edition of Intents. And if you are like me, Neophyte fan, you wouldn't say no to this set.

Don't expect a full on oldskool set from the pioneer. This is all 'new' music. Still highly enjoyable, don't worry about that!

01. Nosferatu - Assassinator Style

02. Angerfist - Bad Attitude

03. The Viper & Neophyte - First Aid

04. Synthax - Stay True

05. Angerfist - Circus Circus

06. Evil Activities - God Damn Noise

07. The Viper & Nosferatu - Kingdom Come

08. D-Fence - Pompen

09. Tha Playah - Get Hard

10. Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space

11. Kasparov & Amada feat Diesel - Ik Wil Stampen!

12. Neophyte & MC Alee - Grondleggers

13. DJ Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka (N-Vitral Re-Phreak)

14. Synthax - Bring It Hardcore

15. D-Fence - Krakaka

16. Angerfist & Neophyte feat MC Alee & MC Diesel - Fight With Anger

17. Furyan & D-Fence - Fastlane

18. Neophyte & Nosferatu - S.I.C.K.

19. D-Fence - Bass Line

20. Denekamps Gespuis - Gas Met Die Zooi (That Playa Remix)

w/ Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote

21. DJ Neophyte & Evil Activities - One Of Those Days (Angerfist Remix)

22. Neophyte & Nosferatu - Daar Zijn We Weer

The set was recorded back in 2016, and was an hour long. Already reached 22.1k plays, and it will gain only more over the next few months/years. As true pioneers of the scene they have been active since the early days, and they keep on delivering awesome Hardcore music to the masses. Neophyte, you might love them or hate them, but whatever your perspective is, you have to acknowledge that they have done so much for the scene.

The last time I saw Neophyte was back at Raving Nightmare - Brutal Truth. A long time ago. Would I want to see them again? Hell yeah! Be it Neophyte as an act, or on hiw own. This set shows again that he's on top of his game, and he has delivered an excellent set.

The ony drawback to this set is the MC. I'm not a fan of any Hardcore MC in the Dutch Gabber scene. They do not add anything but nuisance to an otherwise brilliant set. I think it MC Alee. He might be a nice dude, but during Neophyte's set he does not add a single thing.

Favourite record? The mashup of 'Gas Met Die Zooi' and 'Alles Naar De Klote'.

All in all a wicked set. Get this down you right now!

DJ: Neophyte

Genre/Style: Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Intents Festival 2016

Length Liveset: 01:00:01

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DJ Neophyte - Facebook Fanpage

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