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New "Early Sound" Hardcore (#18) (2021)

It's Friday then, it's Saturday, Sunday, what? All jokes aside, the weekend has finally arrived, and it's time to start the weekend with a bang! A proper BANG! You all know how much I love Hardcore music, especially the early sound, but today it's a bit of old and new. Why, you might ask? Well, it is a mix filled with early sounding Hardcore tracks, made only recently! Only a handful of producers dare to try and make Early Hardcore in the present day, and pull it off. And it's good to hear that there are people out there who appreciate and keep the sound alive!

I wasn't expecting to find this mix, and when I went to have a look on Soundcloud, someone reposted it, and I quickly jump on it. The mix was made by GMD, who's made a few more mixes, which I've favourited (mainly Rotterdam Terror Corps mixes), but I wanted to share this one with you, as we are all aware of RTC can do, and which records they have released. I believe that these 'new' Early Hardcore producers should deserve the same stage as the new producers.

Not sure who GMD is, and what their background is, but the mix is really exciting for me. A good kickstart for the weekend, if you love your early Hardcore. Those who go out partying, make sure you check out this mix, it will certainly give you the boost you need. If it doesn't, what's wrong with you?

Let me show you the tracklist. Worth checking out who's active in this 'new' Early Hardcore scene!

  1. Ilsa Gold - Elastico

  2. Formek - Biogen (Original Mix)

  3. GiZwO - Drop This Shit

  4. The Twins Artcore - Adrenalin

  5. Wicked XXX - Blow Your Whistle

  6. The Twins Artcore - Another Gabba Day

  7. Painbringer - Share Your Pain

  8. Wicked XXX - Different NRG

  9. Amon-Ra - Face Your Opponent

  10. Arjuna - Back Once Again

  11. DJ Kozmo - Kontroller

  12. Lenz - Eat's Cells

  13. Lenz - Your Demon

  14. Reeza - A New World

  15. Rodox Trading - Come On

  16. Redlock - Heavy Groove

  17. Reeza & Peckerhead - Redefined Hardcore

  18. Undunn - Overload

This is really cool. Early Hardcore sound made in 2021! I only recognise a handful of artists. But mixes like this one is not just about the music, but also recognition of those making the music. It spreads their names around, and get more acknowledgment. They need to have a bigger stage, so underrated.

The Early sound remains so dope. I know a lot of early Hardcore anthems, because I lived during those wonderful years, and these newer anthems do fit in nicely. Obviously they have been made in the 20s and have been slightly altered to fit the time frame, but the majority of the anthems have got that distinctive sound, that unique early Hardcore sound we all love.

GMD has made a nice mix, which you can download too. It's full of epic anthems, which would suit well back in the 90s. If they were released back then, they would have been on the biggest compilations and played at the biggest raves out there.

I really love the vibe and the atmosphere. I feel like a teenager again, raving the night away. It is nice that the style which 'died' back in 1999 is still kept alive. We need more producers to keep this epic style alive. Early.... new or old... worth saving.


Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Rave, New Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: New "Early Sound" Hardcore (#18)

Length Mix: 01:12:46

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 133 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 256kbps

More Information: GMD - Soundcloud Channel


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