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Octopus Conspiracy Radio - Mix By Casketcrusher (2018)

I've been offline for about 2 weeks due to personal health issues, and soon I will be offline for a longer period of time. My health has not been great after my birthday, and I collapsed several times in the hospital due to kidney issues. But before we become a medical encyclopedia, let's talk about the music I've been missing throughout my sickbed. Normally I would review literally everything possible, but for now the doctor and family advised me to relax. Which I did. But now I'm getting slightly better, so I'm back.

One of the first mixes I listened to whilst recovering in North Middlesex hospital was a mix by Casketkrusher/Casketcrusher. You might be wondering why his mix was one of the first? Well, a simple reason being that I do love Early Hardcore, and it keeps me going. Hearing the standard top 40 whilst recovering makes me more sick. So Early Hardcore it was. And with Casketkrusher you know he will never disappoint. And with this guest mix for Octopus Conspiracy Radio he has selected again shitloads of unknown records! Don't know where he finds these anthems!

The tracklist is a beauty. 21 amazing anthems. So many forgotten, or simple never heard before. This might be the reason why I've recovered so quickly, compared to before. This should be on the NHS website: 'to fully recover please listen to Early Hardcore'. It has helped me!

01. Nightraver - The Nightraver Strikes Again

02. G Force - The Line

03. Nightraver - So

04. Vulcanizer - Drop The Bass

05. Brothers In Law - Your Ticket

06. Phaze 2 Phaze meets The Doctor - Tales From The Crypt (Scott Brown's Twisted Vinyl Mix)

07. Twin Terror - Round & Round

08. Sonicdriver vs Wicked E. - The Darkside

09. Twin Terror - Breakbeats Go Like This

10. DJ Pagan - Fear Is Born

11. The Maniac - Destroyer

12. Altar Of Sacrifice - Rock Your Body

13. Nightraver - If You're Smart

14. G Force - Bass Too Dark

15. DJ Pagan - You're The Best (G-Town Madness Remix)

16. Sonicdriver vs Wicked E. - The Trip

17. Mister DJ - Completely Fucked Up (2nd Approach)

17. Sonicdriver - Power Of Darkness

19. The Scotchman - Mind Transfer

20. Altar Of Sacrifice - Bang The Drum

21. The Maniac - Into The Darkside

Sitting here at home, enjoying a nice ham sandwich and a proper English tea (with milk of course), life is well. Health is slowly getting there, but for now the only thing which should be working are my ears, and they are working well.

Casketkrusher/Casketcrusher (however you spell his name) has done it yet again! Another brilliant mix with forgotten jewels! I've not heard these anthems in a while, or never before. I wish there would be an outlet on which we could just download the whole Early Hardcore back catalogue from all the artists, so I would know how much I have missed during the 90s. Mixes like this one show me that I've missed to damn much, and it's probably only the tip of the ice berg.

I can't point out a weakness of any kind. I can not underline the amount of love I've got for this DJ and his battle to keep Early Hardcore alive and kicking. He keeps on battling, and he keeps on winning over and over again. Worth checking out this awesome mix.

DJ: Casketkrusher / Casketcrusher

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Octopus Conspiracy Radio - Mix By Casketcrusher

Length Mix: 01:03:11

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: 57.8 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 128kbps

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