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Old School House/Techno Mix 1 (1989-1990) (2010)

It's Sunday morning. Most of you lot are having a hangover experience, after raving the night away. I get that, I was the same last week. My legs were like jelly, my head felt like it was about to explode, and my feet were so sore, still find it amazing that I am able to stand. So on a Sunday morning you don't want to hear something that might set off the bomb that is your head. You want something relaxing, right? Well, your friend TCD has found a wicked mix, that might get you in the recovery zone!

House music. Who doesn't like House music? If you know someone who doesn't like House music, report them to the authorities! They should be in prison! That in itself is a crime against humanity. House has done nothing wrong, and has give us everything we need to be human again. Especially the early stuff, starting in the early 80s. It was all harmless, yet experimental music. And it's still beautiful to this day!

Now you might wonder: TCD, which mix are you presenting to us? Well, it's a mix made by someone called pramster. Don't know anything about the DJ, so the focus today is entirely at his mix, a mix he made back in 2010. And in this mix he added some obscure underground records I've not heard before.

Time to check the tracklist!

01. The 28th Street Crew - I Need A Rhythm (Vocal Club Mix)

02. Boneshakers - Don't Go Away (B.I.D. Mix)

03. Paradox - Jailbreak (House Tip)

04. 2 Guys On Acid - House Music (All Night Long) (Club House Mix)

05. Reese - Rock To The Beat (Original Mix)

06. Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk (Hyped Spaced Mix)

07. MC Showbizz & The Lap 1 Crew - Gotta Turn The Music Up (Critical Core Mix)

08. Ralphi Rosario - Get Up, Get Out

09. DJ Mink feat The Kid Carruthers - Hey Hey! Can You Relate (Sunshine Dub Instrumental)

10. BFC - It's A Shame

11. Fade II Black - In Sync

12. Fingers Inc. - Bring Down The Walls

13. Dream Frequency - Live The Dream

14. 2 Men On A Trip - You Make Me Feel (Get Funky) (Get Stupid Mix)

15. Kaos - Definition Of Love (Master Reese Mix)

16. Bang The Party - Bang Bang You're Mine (Rock Me Gently Original)

17. A Guy Called Gerald - Specific Hate

18. A Man Called Adam - Eartly Powers

19. Adonte - Dreams

20. Dionne - Move Groove

21. Fallout - The Morning After (1990 Remix)

22. Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee - Inject The Beat (Looney Tones)

23. Nemesis - After The Storm

24. Da Posse - It's My Life (Aluh Mix)

25. Njoi - Techno Gangsters

26. Charvoni - Always There (Dance Mix)

27. Petra & Co. - Just Let Go (Dubs)

28. Confidential - Psychopath

29. GTO - Pure (Pure Energy)

30. Neal Howard - Indulge (Club House Mix)

If I'm honest, I don't know half of these records! And I was fully into House during the early 90s. But maybe it was a bit different, the House music I listened to. But that's not a big issue: this would only leave me in a better position to appreciate House music more!

Again, I know nothing about the DJ, but he has made a very interesting mix with a lot of awesome records. Nice and relaxing flow throughout. This music genre cannot do any harm. It's flawless. It's beautiful. And it's timeless. I'm listening to this in 2019, and still get goosebumps. And am extremely mellow whilst hearing these anthems.

Of course he had to add a few of the classic anthems, and they are so good to hear them again. But also a lot of underground stuff. I love it a lot. This mix is just the right mix to listen to when you are recovering after a night out. So what are you waiting for?

Even though it's nearly 9 years old, you can still download this bad boy. Get this down your ears right now!

DJ: pramster

Genre/Style: Oldskool, House, Acid House

Mix Info: Old School House/Techno Mix 1 (1989-1990)

Length Mix: 01:35:47

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 219 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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