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Pdevil - Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil Promo Mix (27-10-2018)

Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil. If you are not Dutch, you probably won't have a clue what this means. It's a party focussed on the oldskool Hardcore sound. Translated: Old Style Is Butter Horny. Yeah, I told you that it wouldn't make any sense for anyone who's not Dutch. We know what it means and what it represents. Anyway, let's talk about this event, which is upcoming: the 27th of October 2018 this event will be held in the Q-Factory in Amsterdam.

The line-up looks good. A few unknowns to me, but also a few oldskool legends like Hellfish, Arjuna, Stickhead, Frantic Freak, and more. One of the artists performing there (Pdevil) made a promo mix, which is truly astonishing. Not only because of the fact that it contains Early Hardcore, but also because of the fact that the majority of the tunes I have not heard before! All exclusive records, and it puts faith into me, that they are keeping the oldskool sound alive. And that's all what we want to hear.

Tracklist time!

01. Biodyne - Die A Good Man

02. Fiasco Project - Dungeon

03. Lenz - Try A Line

04. Pdevil - ID

05. Krytax - Dance With The Devil

06. Speedy Lô - Trip To Wonderland

07. Pdevil - Lilith

08. Fiasco Project - Bizar

09. Terror Eimbert - EgypTek

10. Lenz vs SpeedFolter - Real Shit

11. Xearo - Terror Stolenproject

12. Pdevil - The Devil Returned

13. Pdevil - Wrong Destination

14. ID - ID

15. Undunn & Biodyne - Credo V

16. ID - ID

17. - Android Behaviour

As a lover of the Early sound, this brings joy to my heart. There are still enthusiasts out there, keeping this sound alive. Not just by playing the old stuff, but also by producing new records, containing the old vibe. Now that's something I really vouch for. This is the reason why I started blogging anyway, to make sure people would understand my passion and dedication, and now I've found a few others, keeping the Hardcore sound alive. Thanks Pdevil for this awesome mix!

New music, old sound. Is there anything else we could wish for? There are so many great anthems in here, real dancefloor smashers, and if Pdevil plays these anthems at 'Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil', the ravers will have a good time. Like myself, I was bouncing up and down here in my living room, having the volume right to the max!

A few mistakes have creeped into this mix, but nothing major. Still makes the mix worth listening to, and maybe get you into a spending spree mode (by buying tickets for this event?)?

Best record? That's a no brainer: X² - Android Behaviour. Why? It just delivers. It satisfied me from the moment I heard it for the first time. Banging beats and bass. This is Hardcore the way I like it!

Credits for Pdevil and all the producers out there, keeping the Early Hardcore sound alive and kicking. I wish I could go to Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil. That would be amazing! You can, if you get your tickets right now. And you will see and hear Pdevil play this kind of music. Which is AWESOME!

DJ: Pdevil

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil Promo Mix (27-10-2018)

Length Mix: 00:43:53

Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: 60.7 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 192kbps More Information: Strength Of Unity - Soundcloud Page

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