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Pearsall - Get It 010: Get Everything (2019)

Yesterday was my birthday, and I still continued reviewing. It's a non-stop business. Not highly appreciated though, but it's a hobby, and I keep it alive as long as I can, or simply can be arsed. Some days you find NOTHING online: all the mixes are boring and not exciting, and this results in you going back into your music history, and check awesome mixes/CD, and some days the whole day you are flooded with excellent music. Like a few days ago: Pearsall notified me that there's a new mix, made by him, on Soundcloud.

But I'd already spotted his mix. I'm quick, when it comes to things like that. And I have to be honest to Pearsall: I cannot remember if I'd ever seen the previous instalments of this mix series before. Or maybe I have, but due to the alcohol abuse during the 90s my braincells are slowly dying, I simply cannot remember at 36 years old. Anyway, this tenth instalment is an achievement mix. He's recently reached 250.000 plays on Soundcloud, which is simply an astonishing achievement for Pearsall, but to be fair, he deserves all the credit. For what he's doing to the music scene, he and his page deserves more credit. So fuck it, I'm promoting another website now, but click here to visit Pearsall's successful blog!

One day I'll be as successful as his page. I'm hoping. But for now that's wishful thinking. Let's focus on my fellow blogger's mix. And it's a good 'un. Containing records from 10 genres (and I'm not kidding)! How cool is that? You don't see mixes like that very often. And it does work. It simply does. The mix is 90 minutes long, and vinyl only. It's a mix you want to see, and hear!

01. Head High - Set Me Free

02. DJ Different - Fast Forward To The Outer Rim

03. Special Request - Lockjaw

04. Manor House Boyz - Full Resonance

05. Dawl - Bad Trip

06. Posthuman - King Rat

07. Zero B - Lock Up (Jerome Hill Remix)

08. Chrissy - Hold On Tight

09. Skin On Skin - Multiply

10. Boylan - Shimmy

11. Syer Barz - Mushrooms

12. East Man - Twilight

13. TMSV - Modification

14. D Bridge - Digital Dread

15. Om Unit - Preshah

16. Solid Blake - Warp Room

17. Nite Fleit - Borderline

18. Ersatz Olfolks - Stella

19. R.O.P. - Stop The Music

20. Innercore - Feel So

21. Pete Cannon - Dynamite

22. Puffin' Billy - Mickey 303

23. Tim Reaper - Dead & Buried

24. Tim Reaper - Globex Corp Vol 5 (Side B2)

25. DJ Dlux - Interference

26. Dilinja - Luscious Nights

27. Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style (DJ Stretch Dubplate Remix)

28. Abyss - Bad Boy

29. Skitty - Bad It Up

30. Champa B - Dread Conquer

What an immense mix! You literally get everything: from Jungle to Techno, to Dubstep, to (name a scene and he's played it). And the end result is an hour and a half of absolute blissful music. Pearsall has never disappointed me, so his latest mix gets a thumb up. Ok, make that two thumbs up.

This Berlin based DJ has given the world a lot of excellent mixes, and he has always made them as good as possible, setting the benchmark high for himself and others. Pearsall is a dedicated music lover, and the way he portraits his love for the music is just adorable. You can tell he lives for the music.

The connection between all these styles has got to be the breaks, right? He has made this mix sound effortless, and I'm guessing that it has been the oppossite, right? Most bedroom DJs cannot even mix two records together, and he just fucking did 10 genres in 90 minutes! Fuck, that's impressive.

I've got only love and admiration for this mix. No negative bits and bobs, only credit. Pearsall, you fucking monster, you've created yet another epic mix. Thumbs up from TCD. Epic, epic, epic. Just what I needed to hear after a hard day of work. Now I need to wind down, and relax. Perfect mix for a breezy Sunday morning. Worth checking out!

DJ: Pearsall

Genre/Style: Electronic

Mix Info: Get It 010: Get Everything

Length Mix: 01:30:00

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 206 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: Pearsall - Soundcloud Page

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