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Pirate Cutz Selectives Mix Series Volume: 3 - DJ Paul French (2023)

It is Friday, time for us to unwind. It's been a stressful week, hasn't it? A lot of things happened this week, and for me personally a lot of things are on my plate. I'm doing so much work: for once I am happy that the weekend emerged quicker than expected. But before the weekend arrives, we still have the Friday to go through. And I've found something that will take us into this mellow zone, one you will certainly appreciate!

I am not an expert on UKG. I do love it though. Been loving it for a few decades now. Turns out, one of the first big events I went to, had a UKG area, and that was basically my first introduction to it. From then I've been hooked to the sound, but I'm more of an oldschool kind of guy. The earlier, the better. And most times that's the kind of music you hear on the radio. Not a lot of focus goes to the present day UKG scene, which is still out there.

With mixes like the one you are about to listen to, you get a glimpse into the world of UKG as it is nowadays. And as much as I would like to follow the current scene, I just don't have the time to do so. Hence why I mentioned that I'm not an expert: I don't know who's who in the current scene, the music, what is hot and what isn't, etc. Mixes like this one, made by Paul French, will show me what is hot.

  1. Enrico Dragoni - Lose My Soul

  2. Unfinished Business - Get Down

  3. Perception - New Biz (The Isla EP)

  4. Raw Groove - Raw Mac

  5. Ray Hurley feat Simone - The Rain (Breakbeat Mix)

  6. Johnny U Tah - This And That

  7. Scott Garcia - Nobodys Business

  8. Perception - Move Your Body

  9. Unfinished Business - Higher

  10. Chris Mac feat Mista L - You Can't Leave Me (2000 Dub)

  11. Statix - Love Existing (Steppa's Dub)

  12. CLS - Can You Feel It (Industry Standard Dub Mix)

  13. Daryl B - I Can't Stand The Rain (Dub)

  14. YSE feat Frank H Carter III - Guessing Games (Sonic Steppaz Remix)

  15. NCA presents Anthony Vol 1 - Calling (Donna D Instrumental Dub)

  16. Harry Luda - Ride The Rush (CAR MIX 2)

  17. Para - The Dub

  18. DJ Ski - I Need You 98

  19. Paris House - Luv Dance

  20. Unfinished Business - Can't Get (Spirit Of RPM Mix)

  21. New Horizons - Find The Path (Full Vocal)

This is a very lovely mix with some big anthems in here. Again, I'm not an expert and have never seen these artist names before, so it's an all new and exciting experience. But the tracks are solid. Really solid. True to the original OG sound that I love.

I've been listening to this mix for a few hours now, and I feel relaxed. Mellow. In a different state of mind. This does give me a different kind of energy: one that will drain my body of negativity, and fills it with positivity. And I love it.

When you start listening to a mix with an open mind and the mix surprises you, that's when you know you've got something solid, Something special going on. This has been an hour and 40 minutes of pure pleasure. I've not heard of Paul French before, but his mix is truly dope. Nice and relaxing. Very melodic. And staying true to the oldschool sound from back in the day.

Best record? 'Get Down'. So freaking cool!

Can only give it one score:

DJ: Paul French

Genre/Style: UKG, Garage House, House

Mix Info: Pirate Cutz Selectives Mix Series Volume: 3 - DJ Paul French

Length Mix: 01:38:56

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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