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Promo @ Q-Base 2018 - Thunderdome

Q-Base 2018. The last Q-Base ever. Well, maybe for now, maybe they come back in 5 years. But whatever might happen in the near future, it has not been organised this year. Last year Q-Dance closed the chapter, and went out with a bang. With 9 areas and a truckload full of artists they made sure that the party goers would have the night out of their lives. And in the Thunderdome area they had a few amazing artists, like Waxweazle, Vince, Predator, Nosferatu, Evil Activities, I:gor, and more. And also DJ Promo, the one who's set I've found on Soundcloud.

The party goers voted for this event being 'excellent'. And just judging the line-up for not only the Thunderdome area but all the others too, and its massive history (Q-Base over the years have gained a massive following of fans), their last event must have been one you should have gone to. I'm sitting here, not been there, and I'm regretting not going. I'm missing out on a lot of amazing and epic parties. And who doesn't want to go to an event where DJ Promo is playing?

His set was an hour and a half long. A 'normal' size set for me. Those short half hour/hour long set is good, but you cannot explore the DJ's strength and cannot venture into multiple dimensions. Short sets always gives you only one sound, and longer sets allows the artists to go mad, in a good way. Expect nothing less from Promo. His set contains 42 records, and you will smile when you see the tracklist. He dug deep into his collection, and played not only his own stuff, but other amazing classic records. Just see the tracklist, and you know why this is ace!

01. Promo - Lord Of Undow

02. Promo & X-ess - Vicious Circle

03. Promo - I Come Correct

04. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Hardcore Rules The World

05. Promo - King Of Pain

06. Catscan - The Agency

07. Promo - Patterns In Chaos

08. Tha Playah - Mastah Of Shock

09. D-Passion - People Of Faith

10. E-Man - E-Shifter

11. Neophyte - Real Hardcore

12. Headbanger - No Law

13. Masochist - Killing Scum (Promo Remix)

14. Steve Shit - Commonyall

15. Miro - The Shining

16. Digital Boy - OK Allright (Remix)

17. Meagashira - End Of Line

18. Dione - Come Here And Die

19. Art Of Fighters - Redemption

20. Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Whispers Of A Nameless Fear

21. Headbanger - Sweet Dreams (You Bastard)

22. Promo - Among The Best

23. Catscan - WOIII

24. DJ Bountyhunter - Woops

25. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

26. Promo - Brother Of Conflict

27. Amnesys - Worldwide Crisis

28. Catscan - Finishing Profiles

29. Meccano Twins - Dominhated

30. Brian Acardy - Let The Bass Boom (Wavolizer Remix)

31. Ophidian - Butterfly

32. Mad-E-Fact & The Viper - Here It Comes

33. Promo - Inside Symphony

34. Project Omeaga - Prednison Attack

35. Ophidian - Only One

36. Promo & Catscan - Kik Of Kak

37. Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka (N-Vitral Rephreak)

38. N-Vitral & Dither - Hammer Dance

39. Neophyte & Promo - TD = You

40. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To The Bone (N-Vitral Remix)

41. Dither - Look Alive

42. Endymion - Pussy Mutherfuckerz (D-Fence Remix)

A bit of the old, a bit of the very old, and a few new records. That's in short what is in his set. And when I'm talking old, just look at 'The First Rebirth'. Now that's a classic! And new? 'Lord Of Undow'. Well, it's not made yesterday, but also not 24 years ago. Anyway, this set is full of nostalgia. And that's what you need when you play on the Thunderdome stage.

I have to say that back in 98 I witnessed Promo killing Mysteryland, giving it another hole (tearing another one). And I've always been following his musical career. He had his ups and downs, but the majority of the records he has made have always pleased me. Even the 2010 sound (which has a lot of the early 2000s in it) pleases me. Promo knows how to deliver a record so distinctively Promo-ish, it creates good vibes. And during his hour and a half set, he delivers. Just look at the tracklist: a true raver will start to dribble. It's that good. And to include all time classics is just amazing.

But the last few Promo sets have been hit or miss. Even his actual Thunderdome set from 2017 (I think it was 2017, when he played 'throughout' the Thunderdome years?) was a miss. But other sets are just spot on. With this set at the last Q-Base he does deliver, and with a few mixing errors it's so far my favourite DJ Promo set of all time. Or is Mysteryland 1998's the best?

The records selected are amazing. Even the Industrial Hardcore ones. He just delivers, and knows how to build a set (start off slow, end with a brutal ending). Best record has got to be 'Brother Of Conflict', simply because this record remains in your head, long after it has finished.

A good set. Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. And so should you!

DJ: Promo

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Q-Base 2018

Length Liveset: 01:32:18

Tracks: 42 (fourty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 107 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 163kbps

More Information: DJ Promo - Soundcloud Page

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