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Revokez presents: Best of Thunderdome IX - XII (2022)

Saturday. And I've been busy the last few days. Needed to attend a 2 day training session, which took up most of my time, and during those 2 days, I wasn't listening to any music whatsoever. and that was kind of frustrating. But now I'm back, with a mix that looks so good, I couldn't just ignore it. I had to jump on it, and give it a go. Revokez was responsible for making this mix, and it contains records from arguably the best Thunderdome CDs ever. The four albums I've absorbed and adored from the day they were released. These four still hold their value, and have got the finest Hardcore anthems from the 90s on them. And Revokez decided to create this 'best of' mix series, starting with Thunderdedome 9 and ending with Thunderdome 12.

These 4 CDs are still my favourite CDs ever. Especially number 12. What a gorgeous CD. And even though I'm a bit scared of spiders, I'm perfectly OK with this CD. The tracks on it are so damn good. But 10, 11, and even 9 are equally as good. Not better than 12, hell to the no!

When you look at the tracklist below, you will instantly see the glorious tracks selected by Revokez, and you will be amazed to acknowledge that these tracks were on these four CDs. So many great anthems. And they still are awesome, many years after they've been released. There weren't flawless, as there we still stinkers on each album, but the majority of anthems have stayed strong over the years.

My personal view on the Thunderdome collection is that these 4 were the best of the best. The odd number here and there were good, but 4 in a row? Only these 4.

But now the tracklist. Ready for it?

  1. Tails & Noizer - Drum & Basz

  2. Weirdo & Sim - Pump That Stupid Bass

  3. Lock Jaw - Deep In The Underground

  4. Isaac - Bad Dreams (Remix)

  5. Diss Reaction - Jiieehaaa

  6. Scott Brown - Fucked In Your Ass

  7. Omar Santana - Wizard Of Oh

  8. Bass Generator - The Event

  9. Weirdo & Phil Omanski - Young Birds

  10. Baba Nation - Jesus Words

  11. Sim - Cartoons In Progress

  12. Sim - Loud As Fuck (54321 Mix)

  13. Lancinhouse - Cold's Getting Better

  14. Section-8 - Punnany (The Prophet Remix)

  15. Scott Brown - Dum Dooby Dum

  16. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ

  17. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry

  18. Sim - Straight Of The Dancefloor

  19. The Prophet - Rock Steady

  20. Paul Elstak - Code Red

  21. Duo Pennotti - Addicted 2 Raves (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  22. Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow (Hard Mix)

  23. The Prophet & Delirium - Da Boom In Bass

  24. Bertocucci Feranzano - E-Motion (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  25. Tim B - Stick Up (Chicomen Remix)

  26. Public Domain - I Know It

  27. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It

  28. Sim - Time To Hit The Record

  29. Psylocke - Pump It

  30. Buzz Fuzz - Summertime

  31. Wasting Program - Jazz Sacrilege

  32. The Judges & DJ Promo - I'm The Law

  33. Bomber - Rambo Goes Riot

  34. The Controllers - In Control, In Effect

The tracks selected are cool. Some are just superb, and some aren't, but at least it's a nice mixture of everything I needed to hear today. One thing I've noticed from this mix is the amount of DJ Sim records in it. I'm guessing Revokez is also a fan of DJ Sim, and so he should be. Everyone who loves the early Hardcore sound should love DJ Sim. Such a shame he left the scene. Such a wicked producer, honestly underrated producer. Just look at the amount of his records in this mix...

Revokez's mix is a good one. Really good tracks selected. And the finest of the four CDs. The mixing itself has got some errors in it, and it doesn't go as smooth as you want it to sound, which is unfortunate. You still feel the music coming through the speakers though, and you still catch the drift as to why this mix was made in the first place.

So many memories, so many glorious records. And as much as I love most of them, like 'Wizard of Oh', 'I Know It', 'Drop It', 'Drum & Basz', I have to give all my love and appreciation to 'Loud As Fuck (54321 Mix)' by DJ Sim. Still the coolest track ever made! Agree or disagree, let me know in the comments below.

A cool mix to start your weekend with, even though it's already 1/4 done. Enjoy it, and appreciate the early sound. I will keep an eye out for the other mixes by Revokez though, could be interesting to listen to. Maybe you should do the same?

DJ: Revokez

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Revokez presents: Best of Thunderdome IX - XII

Length Mix: 01:25:50

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

More Information: Revokez - Soundcloud Channel


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