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RMB @ Mayday 1994 (The Raving Society)

Another hidden gem for you all on this Sunday morning! RMB live at Mayday in 1994! Who were old enough to rave at this wicked event? I was only 11, so too damn young. And as I said in a previous review (also a Mayday set, from Ilsa Gold), hearing these sets makes you wish you were there. And the good thing about this set is that there's a video on Youtube of their 16 minute long set! How about that?

Don't think it's high tech, it's as good as you would expect from a 1994 video. And the sound quality is just appalling. But you get a glimpse of what happened at Mayday. Thousands of ravers losing it. The whistle crew were present, and they went mad through this set. This is a set that gave me goosebumps when I first heard it. Proper 90s Hardcore. And the crowd, gosh, you don't get those recordings anymore. I feel that a set becomes 1000 times better if you have the crowd recorded as well. You will instantly know that they were loving it. Yes, the music is important, but also the crowd. And the crowd at Mayday 1994 were having it. And loved it.

I only knew RMB of 'The Place To Be'. Never knew they were the same as the ones who released 'Spring'. So diverse. But in 1994 it was all Happy Hardcore/Hardcore. So sit back and enjoy the set.

01. RMB - Matisse

02. RMB - Experience

03. RMB - Chakka Chakka

04. RMB - Redemption

05. RMB - There's Love

06. RMB - Our Trip To Mururoa

07. RMB - The Place To Be

The tracklist is short, but also their set is short. Only 15 minutes long. But within those 15 minutes you go from one high to the next. And ending with what is their biggest record ever (well, for me). The Place To Be. What an absolute monster of a track. Which Thunderdome did it appear on? I remember the cover being a skull of a dog. Was it Thunderdome 4?

I never knew they even made Happy Hardcore! This mix has made me rethink music in general. This group, that made the dopest Hardcore track 'The Place To Be', made a few wicked Happy Hardcore anthems? My mind is blown. And they made 'Spring'! Seriously impressed.

Their set was recorded, and you will find better quality audio recordings on Soundcloud, but for this I went to the Youtube video. Just to capture the atmosphere. And the atmosphere is good. And the music is just so beautiful! Especially 'Experience'. How come I've not heard this record before? One of the greatest Happy Hardcore anthems of all time!

I don't want to continue talking, I want you all to embrace their set. Just press play man, press play!

Act: RMB

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Mayday 1994 The Raving Society

Length Liveset: 00:16:17

Tracks: 7 (seven)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: --------

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