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SaSaSaS @ Westfest 2019

If you love Drum & Bass, I do not need to explain who SaSaSaS are. These legends are dominators in the scene, and whenever they perform, you know the party is about to blow into a billion pieces. If you are attending a party and they are performing, you will see something happen that you won't see anywhere else. Pure madness, pure dedication, pure DnB. So it was an obvious choice for the organisation behind Westfest to get them to perform at this year's party. The event only took place a few days ago, and their set is now online (with a tracklist). Are you ready for the madness?

My missus wasn't. She walked into the kitchen when I was listening to this set, and she was like 'wtf is that?'. She isn't a fan of DnB, so I'm guessing she had never heard of SaSaSaS before, and she won't hear them again after the kitchen incident. The crew are just pure fire, and when you give the MCs the microphones, you know that they will demolish the people's eardrums. Unstoppable from the first to the last second. But don't just assume that this is all about the MCs, the DJs are as important as the MCs. And during their hour long set they decided to give us constant eargasms by playing 64 records in 59 minutes. Will you Adam and Eve it? That's just insane.

I know what the mission is of SaSaSas. The ravers who are witnessing them are not able to acknowledge what just happened. How can you describe this set without mentioning the words 'unbelievable', 'fast', 'powerful' , and 'insane'. After a set by the legends you need a tissue, a cigarette, and some sleep. The feeling is similar to having sex for an hour, and when it ends, you need time to recover. Rough sex though, not very passionate.SaSaSaS do not take any prisoners. I might try to play this during the missus and myself's bedroom antics, see if she will appeciate the fire. I highly doubt it.

Anyway, before my stupid blog becomes unreadable and more like a sex expert's diary, let's see the tracklist. Thanks to SaSaSaS for the tracklist.

01. DJ Phantasy x Macky Gee - Closer (Instrumental)

02. Macky Gee - Business VIP

03. Macky Gee x DJ Phantasy - Danger VIP

04. Barely Alive - Wompum (Macky Gee Remix)

05. MC Shabba - We Love Drum & Bass VIP

06. Macky Gee - Obsessive

07. Jauz - Alpha (Macky Gee Remix)

08. Distress Signal - Horizon

09. DJ Phantasy - Party Girl

10. Harry Shotta Show - Certified G's

11. SaSaSaS - Phenomenon

12. A.M.C. - Gotham

13. Sub Focus - Siren

14. Macky Gee - Lighters Up

15. DJ Phantasy - Space Time

16. Sota - Frontin'

17. Voltage - Voice Notes

18. DJ Sly - Old Ways

19. Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart (DJ Phantasy Remix)

20. Macky Gee x Bru-C - No Time

21. Sub Focus & Dimensions - Desire

22. Macky Gee x DJ Phantasy x DJ Fresh - Never Wanna Stop

23. DJ Phantasy x TC feat Cammie Robertson - Tell Me

24. Macky Gee - Porn

25. DJ Phantasy x MC Shabba D - Sound Killa VIP

26. Dominator x Logan D - Ready Or Not VIP

27. Macky Gee x DJ Phantasy - Dirtyyy

28. Macky Gee x DJ Phantasy x DJ Fresh - Civilization

29. Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix)

30. SaSaSaS - Anthem VIP V3

31. Storming - Intro 2020

32. Macky Gee x DJ Phantasy - Dark Arts (Working Title)

33. Inside Info & Mefjus - Pulsation (Annix Remix)

34. MC Stormin - Buss It (2019 Edit)

35. Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (Benny L Remix)

36. DC Breaks - Concrete Jungle

37. DJ Phantasy - Can't Help Myself

38. Macky Gee feat Stormin - Chicken Neck VIP

39. Dux n Bass feat Nikisha - I Need Your Loving

40. Tsuki - Creatures VIP

41. Macky Gee - Behold

42. Subsonic & Tsuki - The Middle

43. MC Shabba - River Monster VIP

44. DJ Phantasy - Scrufizzer - Boom Bang

45. Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Illuminate

46. Wilkinson - Take You Higher

47. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Hustler (DJ Phantasy Remix)

48. Macky Gee - Tour

49. SaSaSaS - Where Drumz At VIP

50. K Motionz - Round Ere

51. Benny L - Naughty Bastards

52. Macky Gee - Games (The Prototypes Remix)

53. Avicii - Levels

54. DJ Phantasy x K Motionz - Silence Awaits You

55. DJ Phantasy x Macky Gee feat Youngman - Let It Shine VIP

56. DJ Phantasy x Ragga Twins - Run Da World

57. Sigma - Nobody To Love

58. Tsuki & Subsonic - Messiah VIP

59. Moksi - Ghetto Gossip (Macky Gee x DJ Phatnasy Remix)

60. Macky Gee - Black Widow VIP

61. Turno - Original Raggamuffun

62. TC - Tap Ho (A.M.C. Remix Pointless VIP)

63. Bob Marley - One Love

64. Macky Gee - Like Me

I just love their set, can't you tell? An hour of absolute mayhem and madness, and the result is a wicked set. Both DJ Phantasy and Macky Gee destroyed our eardrums with 64 records in 59 minutes. I still find it amazing that this is even possible! And the things is, it all sounds flawless. And the crowd does love it. The whistle crew was present at Westfest, and you can hear them throughout their set.

The thing is, I've never seen them perform. I've only seen them in videos,and hear them on Soundcloud. Never had the chance to hear them perform live. So I've based my judgment on what I'm hearing, and obviously it's completely different to those who have seen them. I envy those people who have seen SaSaSaS. THEY DO BRING THE FIRE.

The music is good. Excellent. And even the MCs do a great job. But seeing as English isn't my mother tongue (my second language) and I never listen to lyrics, I find it difficult to understand what each MC is saying. They are just too damn fast. Before I literally dissected their first sentence, they have already finished their 14th sentence. It's incredible what they do, and how the crowd knows nearly every rhyhme they are spitting. The only bit I can respond to is 'BO', if asked if anyone wants a reload.

All jokes aside, I'm loving this set. It has made my day. Fire from the first to the last second, and also a fitting tribute to MC Stormin. This MC sadly passed away last year, but his legacy is still present, and will be forever! #bussit

A set you need to hear. A set you need to experience. I will do my best to hear SaSaSaS at least once before I go. My health needs to improve, and once I'm back on my feet, I will go back and rave again. I must. Why, you might ask? Well, just listen to this set and tell me if you sat still? You can't, and neither could I. I'm a raver 24/7 365 days a year, and a set like this one just lights my fire. And the crowd's response is just insane! Goosebumps!

Act: SaSaSaS

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Westfest 2019

Length Liveset: 00:59:51

Tracks: 64 (sixty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: SaSaSaS - Soundcloud Page

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