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(Scarred Digital Contest) Kaz :D! - Trust Me, It's Fresh (2018)

If you have been online the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed a competition going on. Scarred Digital had this wonderful competition going on for up and coming DJs, to make the best mix, and they could win something. Seeing as I'm not up or coming, or a DJ, I wasn't really into it. Don't actually know what the price is. A signed poster of Sc@r? I don't know. Anyway, many have participated, and I read that 8 people won, including the one whos mix I'm about to mention.

Myself helped Scarred Digital and Future State out many years ago with a competition. I was one of the judges, alongside DJ Unknown and MC Whizzkid (if I am correct). It was the hardest thing to do, because they were all ace. So to see others going to the struggle was nice thing to see.

Now let's talk about the mix. This mix was made by Kaz :D!, or kazukism92. Heard this name before in shoutouts during UK Hardcore podcasts, but he was kind enough to introduce me to his entry mix. And the best way to do it, is via Facebook. And it worked: I am currently listening to his 'winning' mix. And hopefully you are doing the same.

Time for the tracklist, I suggest.

01. Fade & Bananaman - A Dream's Surprise (Sc@r & Chris Fear Remix)

02. J-Mi & Midi-D feat Thomas Howard Lichtenstein - Cyborgs (In Space) (Daniel Seven Remix)

03. Bananaman & Gisbo feat Nia - Can't Believe You're Mine

04. Al Storm - Party Goin' Down

05. Sc@r - Hardcore Power (SD Remix)

06. Skinny & 3Star - Retro Feelings

07. Transcend & Cyrax - High Skool

08. Transcend & Cyrax - Relentor

09. Daniel Seven - Black Hole

10. Substanced - Oneiroi

11. Sc@r & Douglas - Summer Groove

12. Klubfiller & Sc@r - Klubar

13. Ramos, Mob & Sc@r feat Becci - Find U

14. Klubfiller - Let The Music Play

15. Klubfiller - I Need You

16. Sc@r - Rainbow Killer

It was an obvious choice for Kaz to add a lot of Sc@r/Scarred Digital records into this 30 minute long mix, but he also added a few other gems in it,just to keep the Hardcore flowing. I do miss the 'Acid Porn Monkey' though. But instead he has added 'Klubar', a wicked anthem, sadly forgotten about.

A quick mix. 16 records in 30 minutes. You need to prove yourself. And Kaz has done it. He has picked records which would destroy your feet on the dancefloor, Some a tad cheesy, but come on, at least it isn't the whole mix! But he kept it interesting.

I've really enjoyed this short mix. The length was obviously mandatory for the competition, but I could listen to these kinds of mixes for hours. Sometimes a tad too eager to go to the next track, but still highly enjoyable. Who am I to judge, he bloody won the competition (alongside 7 others).

Worth checking out. Not downloadable, but still enjoyable.

DJ: Kaz :D! / kazukism92

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Scarred Digital Competition Mix

Length Mix: 00:30:53

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More information: Scarred Digital - Facebook Fanpage

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