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Solution - Freeform Summer Selection 2019

The Summer is near to its end, and I've got to say that I've enjoyed 2019's Summer a lot. It has been up and down, but in general I do not think we should complain: at least we had a lot of days during which we could walk around in shorts and t-shirt. The Summer is slowly ending, and only this weekend it's looking good. The weather Gods are still nice to us (or is that storm Dorian?), and we can sit outside and enjoy the last BBQ of 2019. Time to enjoy it, and play the music we all want to hear.

Solution, you might have heard of him or seen his name before, is on a mission. Uploading shitloads of his mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud (mainly Mixcloud), and they all have a Freeform vibe surrounding it. The one I'm writing about, is the one he uploaded onto Soundcloud a few days ago, and this mix contains records from Stamina Records, Tesla Tracks, FutureProof Sounds, and more. A full on Freeform mix. And that's exactly what we needed. Side note: if you want more of this, just go to Solution's Mixcloud page, and here you will find more mixes you will appreciate.

Back to this mix. You want to see the tracklist, right?

01. A.B - Kielo (Digital Commandos Remix)

02. Greg Peaks - Afro Glean

03. Finnbarr vs Joey Riot - The Devil's Symphony

04. A.B vs Metrix - Feels So Good (Jakka-B Remix)

05. Grimsoul - Badass Geeks (Lost Faith & Spectrum Remix)

06. A.B - Awaken

07. Impact & Nomad - Utopia (Haze Remix)

08. Greg Peaks & Transcend - Reboot

09. Hedonistik Ritual - The Exorcism

10. Angel-OA - The Collapse (Transcend Remix)

11. Gercore - Legacy

12. Greg Peaks - Through The Walls

13. Transcend - Domination (A.B & Synthwulf Remix)

14. Greg Peaks - White Out

15. Greg Peaks - State Of Consciousness

16. Hedonistik Ritual - Destination

17. A.B & Douglas - TIWWA

18. A.B & Substanced - Injustice

19. Anon - *Special Unreleased Bonus Track*

If you are a Freeform lover like yours truly, you probably had a secret spillage in your downstairs department. Also known as pre-cum. Pre-ejaculation. Normally that's not a big thing, but if you have had that before you even pressed play, you wil have the best eargasm you've experienced in a while. Make sure tissues are at your disposal. You'll need them.

So much awesome music in an hour mix. Carefully selected and mixed by Solution. Has Christmas come early this year? Well, to be fair, it's not that far away, and we could see this mix as an early present, right?

Two of the best records in this mix, and this is only judged by myself, are 'Badass Geeks' and 'Reboot'. Fight me if you disagree.

I could have gone to Mixcloud, but I do seriously dislike it. So hence why I selected this Soundcloud mix by Solution. Which isn't a bad option, to be fair. Go to Solution on several social media outlets, and you will instantly be in Freeform heaven! Oh, and make sure you grab this Summer mix: it's a free download too! Oh yeah baby!

Ps. does anyone know the title of the Anon record? And wasn't Gammer Anon? Or am I being absolutely thick now?

Pps. if you are liking this, make sure you go to ILHB: he will be there too! Don't know if he's going to play, he could also do a bit of catering, or washing up, who knows? It's an ILHB party: anything could happen.

DJ: Solution

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: Freeform Summer Selection 2019

Length Mix: 01:03:52

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 89.5 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 192kbps

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