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Lil Texas is back! A brand new mix was uploaded onto Soundcloud 2 days ago, and already it received thousands of plays, and people are going mad, literally mad. Am I one of those people? Well, the name of this blog contains 'crazy', so yes. I like music to be as versatile as it can be, and on certain days I would like my music to be 'normal', and on certain days it want it to be fucked up as much as possible. It's Sunday, time to relax, and to put your silly hat on. If you want, you can put a hat on, similar to the one that Lil Texas wears, and go ape. Literally go ape. Why not?

As you can expect from previous reviews/mixes, this mix is filled with the hardest records out there, and crammed into an hour-ish long mix. Crammed together, and mixed at this unbelievable pace. You get so many records in this mix, you won't even know you are already 20 records in. Time becomes irrelevant. But isn't that Lil Texas' game? To fuck everyone up? Whatever his goal is, he's achieving at least something. Within a short period of time he's risen to the top of the scene, and he has established his name as one that you do not fuck with. Credits to Lil Texas for doing that.

So what is you get in this 51 minute long mix? 48 hard as nails records. Ranging from Rawstyle to Hardcore. Everything is in here for you to lose yourself. The lockdown has got us all inside our houses, like caged animals. So let's behave like animals. Go mad, right now! But before you do, make sure you like TCD on Facebook. After that, I couldn't care less if you start throwing faeces around.

01. Sickmode - Hey x

02. Thyron & Luminite feat MC Focus - Rise Of The Underground (Official 10 Years Of Gearbox Anthem)

03. Riot Shift - Laser Beams

04. Luminite & Sins of Insanity - Hit 'Em

05. D-Sturb & Warface - Imma OG

06. Krowdexx - Pu$h

07. Lil Texas - ID

08. Yellow Claw, Radical Redemption & Lil Texas - Beat Your Mother

09. Sickmode - L4MBO

10. Unkind - I Go Hard

11. Malice - Stronger

12. Luminite - Power & Truth

13. Hypix - Psycho

14. Thorax - The Reckoning

15. Psycho Boys Club - Full Speed

16. Stereotype - Freak Show

17. The Satan - You Are Sick

18. Stereotype - Layers Of The Soul

19. Andy The Core & Nightshift - That's Hardcore

20. Odium & Gridkiller - The Curse

21. Anime - Rock This Place

22. Detest - 1 2 3 (Original Mix)

23. Tha Playah & Angerfist - The Heartless

24. Re-Style feat Cammie Robinson - One Last Dance

25. Promo - Serious Danger (Dither Remix)

26. Furyan - Bass Journey

27. Killshot & N-Vitral feat Disarray - Raise Hell

28. Anime - A-Bomb 2019

29. Dither - Hunt You Down

30. Never Surrender - We Shall Never Surrender

31. Lil Texas - ID

32. Water Spirit - Aries

33. Lil Texas - ID

34. Vandal!sm - Gangbang (Trespassed Remix)

35. Soulblast - The Process

36. Barber & Frenchfaces - The Cook 2.0

37. Lil Texas - ID

38. Crime Scene feat MC Instinct - Underground Killer

39. The Dark Horror - What's My Name

40. Andy The Core & Lil Texas - Saturday

41. D-Fence & Angernoizer - UFO Piloot

42. Angernoizer - Demon Chopper

43. Lil Texas - ID

44. Cryogenic - Bass Slut

45. DRS & Lil Texas feat Rob Gee - Moshpit

46. Soulblast - Serial Killer

47. Lil Texas - ID

48. Drastic & Angerkill - Blasters

The mix starts off slow, and towards the end the BPMs go through the roof. The tension builds towards this climactic ending. It feels like having sexual intercourse. The last record is a finalisation of 4 minutes of raw sex, and orgasms happening. You have done your deed, now light a cigarette and chill the fuck out (kids, do not smoke, smoking is bad for you, remember).

This mix has you moving from the first to the last second, and it goes through several styles: from Rawstyle to Hardcore, from Uptempo to Terror. You get everything. But everything hard, nothing soft is being played here. Lil Texas does not take any prisoners, and has you locked from second 1 to the last. Lil Texas' mission is to get you moving, and he has succeeded doing just that.

But, is it fucked up, this mix? Yes, it certainly is. The quick mixing, the records, everything is messed up a lot. This is not for the faint hearted, only for the true harder styles fanatic.

There are so many bad ass anthems in here, but the one that gets me going the most has got to be Malice's 'Stronger'. Wicked vocals, awesome drop.

Obviously an insane mix. You wouldn't expect anything else from this DJ. Lil Texas has done it again. He's messing with us. This mix is as fucked up as you could imagine. And it's also a free download. Sadly I do not have Spotify (like the only one on this Earth), but if you do, it's all for free!

DJ: Lil Texas

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardcore, Uptempo, Terror


Length Mix: 00:51:38

Tracks: 48 (fourty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Lil Texas - Soundcloud Page

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