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SPYRO - Bangface Weekender 2020 Promo Mix

Spyro. He's a legend. The well known producer who likes to swear a lot in his videos is back with a brand new mix. This time focussing on his set at this year's Bangface weekender. For this event he made a promo mix, 35 minutes long, and containing the hottest tracks money can buy. And as you all know, Spyro likes to fuck with us. You've must heard at least a few Spyro tunes over the last couple of years: he's bringing the fire everywhere, and has gained a reputation of a bad boy. But is he really? Isn't he just a sweet guy underneath his facade?

Nope, he's a bad ass. He doesn't take any prisoners. In this 35 minute long mix he captures you attention, makes sure that you are totally focussed on his mix, and once the beats and bass come through your speakers, he knows that you are his prisoner. He's captured you, and he won't let you go. And for once, I am happy with that kind of prospect. I do like Spyro's unusual approach to UK Hardcore music, or as I like to call his style, EDMCore. But whatever you call it, you know Spyro will bring the heat.

So what can you expect in this 35 minute long mix? Fire, that's for sure. You won't be able to sit still once the beat kicks in, Here's the tracklist.

01. Spyro - Short Dick Man

02. Darren Styles - Pull Over

03. Spyro - Blow Ya Mind Dub

04. Spyro - Hands Up For Detroit

05. Spyro - Club Hoes

06. Spyro & Hartshorn - Bass Keeps Pumping

07. Juyen Sebulba & Lil Texas - Rush Hour

08. Jauz - Gassed Up (Spyro Flip)

09. Spyro & Dot.MAX - Pop That Pussy (Bait Booty Mix)

10. Gammer/Darren Styles/Dillon Francis/Eptic/G Eazy - The Drop vs Say Less (Spyro Mashup)

11. Spyro - Renegade Dub

12. Spyro & Joel Foster - Like A Bomb

13. Spyro - Love Comes Down

14. Spyro - Heads Will Roll

15. Kutksi & Komb - Frost & Fire

16. Spyro & Hartshorn - Keep Breakin'

17. Spyro - Outta Space

18. Ookay & Fox Stevenson - Lighhouse (Spyro Flip)

19. Spyro - Bla Bla Bla Dub

20. Alison Wonderland/Valentino Khan - Good Enough (Spyro Flip)

21. Spyro - Ricky

22. Callum Higby - Fade

23. Barely Alive - Be Mine

24. Spyro - Nobody Likes The Records

25. Yellow Claw - Don't Stop (Juyen Sebulba Remix)

26. Spyro - Throwin' Hunna

27. Spyro - Old Town Flip

28. Spyro - Johnny

29. Gammer - Chainsaw Bass (Spyro & Alex Prospect Remix)

30. Spyro - Mad Ting Mashup

See, I told you he would bring the fire! My GOD, this mix is lit. Is that how the kids say it nowadays? My generation would say 'cool' or 'wicked', lit wasn't even in our dictionary! But anyway, Spyro's mix for this upcoming gig at Bangface Weekender of this year is a big one.

I love this reverse bass sound. It's different. Not something I listen to that often. But it's good. It's a kind of music that gets the people moving on the dancefloor. Not even dancefloors, but literally everywhere you can play this, and people start moving.

I've really enjoyed this set. A wicked mix, 35 minutes of Spyro madness. I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face, and a boner. This is such a sexy mix. The best record in this mix, that was difficult. But I chose 'Be Mine' by Barely Alive. Oldskool vibes from the first to the last second.

Hope he brings the fire and has a wicked set at Bangface. But Spyro being a nut job (in a good way), he will certainly set the stage on fire, and blow up the fucking speakers!

DJ: Spyro

Genre/Style: Rave, UK Hardcore, Reverse Bass

Mix Info: Bangface Weekender 2020 Promo Mix

Length Mix: 00:34:51

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Spyro - Soundcloud Page

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