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Strictly Nuskool Vol.3 (2023)

A new album is out. And it's an album compiled by the legendary Greek music lover, Glowkid. The last time I reviewed an album he has released, was back in 2020. But now the third instalment of the Strictly NuSkool CD series is out, and it's out there, for free. As a reviewer I got an early access, but unfortunately I've been slightly busy, so this review is after the release date (which was the 22nd of October). Apologies for the delay, but here we go! It's the third album, but the first one I've reviewed (maybe I did it on my previous website, but can't remember....)

Glowkid has done it. A new, freebie album, with tracks you have never heard before! And with this new album he doesn't just promote his own website (which he does though), but he also pushes 'new' and upcoming artists forward. And a quick look at the tracklist does show me that they are all unknowns to me. So I had to go in on this album, completely in the dark, not knowing what to expect.

Well, technically speaking, that's not the truth. Of course I know a bit, as the focus is all about NuSkool Rave , which embraces the 90s Hardcore and Jungle sound, but when it comes to the actual tracks, I am completely in the dark. For me, the only thing to do, is to shut up and press play.

The album contains 17 records, and they are worth a glance. Don't just dive straight into the download, but appreciate the tracklist. Hell, you might even spot a name on it that you recognise?!

  1. Lukas Ungeitis - This Far

  2. Planet B - Concentrate

  3. Rxry - Hav Ur Luv

  4. RenegadeGenius - Think Of You

  5. Stu Armstrong - Hold On 2 U

  6. Jakuzzi Superstar - This Is Acid

  7. Juna - Hardcore Rush

  8. Pressure - Champion's Risk

  9. Fritz The Cat - Untitled A1

  10. Gaffer - Keep It Raw

  11. MOZDJ - Dante

  12. BINO - Babylon

  13. Simi feat dr Ziom & Angie - Letniaczek

  14. MZA - Aerial Break

  15. Sexygarbageman - Break It Down

  16. DJ HEW - 93 Energy

  17. Fence - Tosi Bosi

I've not seen any of these names before, but it's all about the music they have made, especially for this CD, right? And is the music good enough to move you, wherever you are? Is it worth a download and maybe a share?

It's an album with different views on NuSkool Rave, Jungle/Hardcore. And the artists are from all over the world, so they've come together to make this album work. And work it certainly does. You start listening to this, getting different views and perspectives on this glorious sound, and the result is an album with 17 completely different records, by 17 different artists. And someone who is a sexy garbage man (brilliant name!).

There's an oldskool vibe throughout, but as they are fresh and only released on this album, they did a marvellous job in capturing the 90s sound beautifully. Some of the tracks are more melodic, and some are just pure anthems. Some do touch upon the darker side of Rave. Especially my favourite, by someone with a brilliant name: Fritz The Cat.

Glowkid has always been at the front of pushing new music forward, and him incorporating this into a free album, that's just amazing. He might be pushing other artists forward, but he should get all the credit he deserves for doing this for 10 years. Another epic album, and hopefully more to come, right?

10 years in the blogging scene, applause mr Glowkid! I salute you, from one 'simple' reviewer to the next!

All jokes aside, it's a wicked album. It's a nice mix and match of everything NuSkool related, and the outcome is a very awesome sounding album, worth your time, and a share! Click the link below for teasers, or to go to Glowkid's website, and share the love!

Artists: Various Artists

Genre/Style: NuSkool, NuRave, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat

Album Info: Strictly Nuskool Vol.3

Length Album: 01:25:33

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Strictly NuSkool Blog): LISTEN HERE

Product Number: unknown

Label: unknown

File Size: 215.9 MB

File Type: mp3

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