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Substanced - Pure Freeform II (2018)

I AM BACK! After a week of silence I have returned! TCD is fully operational again (funny word play), and with this announcement I would like to inform you about this awesome mix I heard of a couple of weeks ago, but only yesterday the tracklist was added, so I can share it with you all! If you want to know which mixes I am going to review in the future but not yet (due to them not having a tracklist) you can always follow me on Soundcloud and look at my liked/reposted tracks.

I was offline due to kidney surgery, and I was thinking that I would be off for quite a while. But only discharged this Tuesday, back on Thursday for complications, and now on Friday I am sitting like nothing has happened at all. But something did happen, something humonguous! Substanced released the second instalment of the 'Pure Freeform' mix series! The last mix was released a year ago, and now this second one is about to blow your mind away!

You might be thinking that I'm still on some kind of drugs to say that, and you are right: Tramadol is quite powerful to me. But I'm stating the truth. And I'm going to make another statement, and it will be another huge announcement: this is 2018's biggest and baddest Freeform mix! It's been rather quiet on the Freeform mixes world, so when mixes do show up, it always makes me moist. And this one has made me extremely moist.

01. Substanced - Waking Gods

02. Transcend - Flux d'Air

03. Substanced - Humanity

04. Alchemiist - Rotters

05. Kokomochi - Catalepsy

06. Substanced - Jinpachi

07. Substanced - Legend (Alchemiist Remix)

08. Hans Zimmer - Interstellar (Moonrock Bootleg)

09. DJ Neon feat Lindsey Marie - TransFORM

10. Hyphen - Dendrobium

11. Transcend - Glitches In Reality

12. Finnbarr & Joey Riot - The Devil's Symphony

13. DJ Neon - Tribute (A.B Remix)

14. Kokomochi - Artemis

15. Substanced - The Killing

This is such a wciked mix, a true Freeform fan has probably already changed their underwear. Moist levels are going through the roof! And I'm a Freeform fanatic, you all know that. No denying that! But what this mix has to offer goes beyond anything I have heard this year, or in a long time! Don't know where he found all these gems (besides his own records, of course), but they all work!

If you don't know Freeform, this to me is the perfect introduction to it. It's always difficult to explain Freeform to the untrained music lover, but just press play, and let Substanced take you into a trip you have never experienced before. Fucking filth. Oh I love it!

All these records are majestic. From the AMAZING first to the BRILLIANT last record, Substanced keeps the entertainment level high. I can go on and on for hours, but I won't. I will let this mix speak for itself. I found no issues or anything negative to mention. The only thing I would like to mention are my two favourite records, both by Substanced: 'Waking Gods', and' The Killing'.

DJ: Substanced

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: Pure Freeform II

Length Mix: 01:02:57

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 142 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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