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Technohead - Headsex (1995)

The year is 1995, and Technohead had their biggest hit released, which would dominate the world. ' I Wanna Be A Hippy', remixed by Flamman & Abraxas. The name Technohead would travel all over the world, and to this day we all know which track is their biggest. But there's so much more to Technohead than meets the eye. And most of you might not even know the album they released in 1995: 'Headsex', on Mokum Records. If you are to discover an album which is extremely diverse, it is this album.

Obviously we need to discuss the elephant in the room: 'I Wanna Be A Hippy'. Yes, that song is big, and has remained an all time favourite record for many ravers. I was going to say that this track might be slightly too cheese, but I know for sure it's cheesy. It's a party anthem, and gets the crowds going. But that's not their best track, in my honest opinion. It's obviously my opinion, but if you would listen to this album, you will find out that they made more records, some even better than the 'Hippy' song.

I bought this back in the day, and was extremely happy with it. Don't know where I bought it from, could have been Free Record Shop, or my local 'underground' music store 'Satisfaction' in Heerlen, but I owned it with pride. During the Happy Hardcore/Hardcore heydays, I've listen to this album over and over again, and was amazed by its diversity. It's an album that cannot be limited to just one style. For God's sake, it's got a remix version of 'Get Stoned' on it, remixed by the mighty Carl Cox!

Certain records on this album have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but others are just too damn brutal, and require you to visit a hospital after.

So which records were released back in the day on this rather peculiar CD? Here's the list:

  1. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Original Mix)

  2. Technohead - Headsex (Let The Music Go) (Nanotech Mix)

  3. Technohead - Accelerator #2

  4. Technohead - The Passion #1

  5. Technohead - Get High (G.T.O. Mix)

  6. Technohead - Mary Jane

  7. Technohead - Headsex (Original Mix)

  8. Technohead - Get Stoned (Carl Cox Mix)

  9. Technohead - Keep The Party Going

  10. Technohead - Sexhead (Daz Sauna & Trevor Rockcliffe Mix)

  11. Technohead - Gabba Hop

  12. Technohead - Kiddie Mix

  13. Technohead - Headsex (Let The Music Go) (Elvis Jackson Radio Mix)

  14. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Flamman & Abraxas Radio Mix)

It is weird to think that this album is already 26 years old. But it still packs a punch. It might not be everyone's favourite, but it is certainly an important album. An album which contains Technohead's biggest hit. Be it both the original version, and of course the one that hit and dominated the Dutch charts, and others. A significant album that deserves more respect.

I am not announcing that I'm their number one fan, but I did appreciate their music back in the day. You might know a few of their records like 'The Number One Contender', 'Banan-na-na', 'Happy Birthday', and more. And yet, whenever people hear the name Technohead, they immediately think of 'I Wanna Be A Hippy' song. Not fair, if I'm honest. They were quite experimental, and if you'd open up your ears, you might even appreciate the other records they have released, which you can find on this album,

It isn't a flawless album. Just listen to 'Kiddie Mix' and 'Headsex', the remix. Those are some cheese fest anthems. But to regain their strength, they did release records such as 'Mary Jane', 'Gabba Hop','Headsex', 'Sexhead', and my all time favourite: 'Accelerator #2'. That to me is the best Technohead record ever! And such an underrated song. This song should be on people's favourite Hardcore anthem list. Or on many compilations. This is certainly a record with a lot of depth.

It is nice to see that Technohead are still releasing music, and their Soundcloud channel is filled with awesome music. To me, this 'Headsex' album is certainly a wicked album every raver should have in their possession. And thanks to DJ Thumpa, who made a Mokum mix and I reviewed the other day. He made me think of this album, and dig deep in my music collection. Memories galore!

Is 'I Wanna Be A Hippy' overrated? Oh, hell yes. Does Technohead deserve more credit for their other anthems? Yes. Should you get this album? Yes. Go back in time, and appreciate the experimental sound they created. Groundbreaking and underrated. An album that is on my top 100 list of all time favourite CDs.

Artist: Technohead

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore

CD Info: Technohead's first album

Length CD: +/- 1 hour

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Label: Mokum Records

Product Number: DB 4791 9

More Information: Technohead - Bandcamp Page

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