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Tha KroniK Presents Mokummania! Episode #1 (2018)

Mokum. There's no denying here that this label has meant a lot to the raving community. With many big releases during the 90s, this Amsterdam located label has been at the forefront of Hardcore music. And we've danced to at least one of their biggest tunes. They have dominated during the 90s, and their legacy still lives on in our hearts.

Someone called Tha KroniK made this Mokummania! mix, uploaded it only a few hours ago, and as you would expect, it contains the dopest tunes from this label. From Hardcore to Gabber to Acid to Early Hardcore, expect the unexpected. 16 excellent records pushed into an hour long mix. And for me it's even more special: the majority of these tunes are unknown! During the 90s for me the only label was ID&T. Yes, I was biased. But at least I'm discovering the music now. It's never too late to hallucinate, eh?

01. Tellurian - A Long Fast Ride

02. The Salami Brothers - Wet Salami (Anti-Salami Mix)

03. Hammerhead - Acid Riot

04. Technohead - Planet Hi-Hat (#2)

05. Hooihouse - Hu Peerd

06. Chosen Few - Loved Music

07. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - The Mobster

08. Chosen Few - Strings (Hakke Voor Gevorderden)

09. Haardcore - One Tone A Time

10. Chosen Few - Wicked

11. High Energy - Cenobites

12. Vitamin - De Ongestelde Flamingo

13. The Original Gabber - Paranoia

14. Haardcore - Only Boneheads

15. High Energy - Hi Ventilation

16. Cookiemunsta - La Rocca Focca (Lier Mix)

This is a blinding tracklist. True Hardcore from the core. Yes, Mokum had so really big dancefloor anthems, but let's not forget their complete back catalogue, which is filled with underrated classics. And Tha KroniK has done his best to make the first instalment of this mix series a success, and to me it has been a blinding success.

Yes, these might not be their biggest records, but they still contributed to Mokum's success within the Hardcore scene. Not a label to be pushed away (like the most hated label in our delicate history: Mecado), but a label to be recognised for their strength and dedication to broadcast music to the whole world. One of the labels which pushed Dutch Hardcore into the world. And their legacy still remains strong.

Tha KroniK's mix is really intoxicated. I have been listening to this four times in a row, and it has not disappointed me yet. And I reckon it won't disappoint me at all. Starting off with that amazing record by Tellurian, it sets the tone for the rest of this mix.

A truly remarkable mix with records from a wicked label. What else could you wish for?

DJ: Tha KroniK

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Oldskool, Acid, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Tha KroniK Presents Mokummania! Episode #1

Length Mix: 01:00:12

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Mokum Records - Official Website

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