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The Purple Revolution [Stamina Records] (2019)

Does M@rt!n-J ever stop making these awesome mixes? I've impressed that he continues to upload awesome mixes on a regular basis, and it's not just one style or genre: he mixes whatever he wants to. This time he goes back to the Freeform sound, and especially to the greatest label in the scene: Stamina Records! This label has been pushing Freeform forwards since the dying day of NuEnergy. And they've been quite successful to be fair. Only quality tunes are released, and in this mix you will only find the best of the best.

So what's in this mix? Simple: Stamina Records tunes. The finest. The ones you are notified about when you are a fan. You get e-mails from them on a regular basis, and in them, you are made aware of upcoming releases. So the records are from the finest producers in the scene: Substanced, Transcend, Digital Commandos, A.B, and more. The tracklist is a beauty, but the records are even better!

These mixes make me extremely happy. Extremely happy. Freeform is so underrated, but there's no reason for it to be like that: it is quality music, well produced, and also a very happy family scene. Everyone knows each other, and when you go to a Freeform party, you are part of this culture. Stamina Records being the daddy of all labels: they are an unstoppable force. And who doesn't want to be part of this subculture, which is much better than all the mainstream cultures (that's my opinion by the way)?

Let me show you this monster of a tracklist. And as an added bonus: free downloadable mix! Woop woop, that's always great to hear!

01. Transcend feat Zealous - The Promise

02. Digital Commandos - What The Radio Won't Play

03. DJ Neon - Tribute (A.B Remix)

04. Transcend - Planet One

05. Arkade - Greatest Adventure

06. A.B vs Ales & Dani Delirio - Arkesus

07. Digital Commandos - Still Dreaming

08. Substanced - Artificial Reality

09. Transcend - Archangel

10. Substanced - Oneiroi

11. Digital Commandos - Serious Shit

12. Substanced - The Killing

13. Digital Commandos - Future World

14. Substanced - Submission

15. Substanced - Heart Of Time (Kounta Kulture Remix)

Look at this awesome tracklist! And if you are into Freeform, some kind of erection must occur. You must feel something in the downstairs department, which is this tingling feeling. Let yourself go, embrace that feeling. Do you know why this is happening? It's because Freeform is life! Freeform is epic. Freeform is porn. It's that good!

Obviously the tracks being from the majestic label Stamina Records and the producers being the finest in the scene, you will not be disappointed. It's only M@rt!n-J's involvement which might change the outcome. But he does a brilliant job, and just makes this mix and the records stand out for miles. And to be fair: I've not seen a Freeform mix reach 1.6k plays in 10 hours! Normally it will take longer for those numbers to be reached, but not this one. Freeform is slowly getting recognition? Let's hope so.

I've got no comments. Well, no negatives comment. As I would normally say: just download this and have a wonderful experience. Just listen to this, there's nothing else to it. You know it makes absolute sense. It's fucking Freeform, not shite pop music! This is quality music, and will only enlighten your current mood.

Oh, the best record? Normally I have already shared it at this stage, but I shall do it now: 'The Killing' by Substanced. No competition with this absolute monster of a track!

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: The Purple Revolution [Stamina Records]

Length Mix: 01:07:01

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 153 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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