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The Sound Of: 100% Silk, Mixed By Cherushii (2015)

House is life. House is something I grew up with. From the late 80s until now, House has always been one of my favourite styles. It has given a generation music to dance to. The same that applies to Rock and Roll, Jazz, Ska, and more. House is as part of our musical legacy as any other well know and much appreciated styles. But seeing as House has been around for nearly as long as I'm alive, there are plenty of artists and labels out there. Too many to follow, and sometimes you do miss the odd label here and there. This applies to 100% Silk. I've never heard or seen this label before, but I found this mix, uploaded by DJ Mag, on Soundcloud, and got hooked immediately.

I saw this mix, heard it, and was in love from the first second. Still not sure who or what's behind this label, I just delved straight into this specially made mix. It is a full-on House music mix, and there's one record in this mix so good, it won't let you go. You'll find out later in this review, but for now, let's focus on the actual mix.

It's nice and mellow. Just what you need to hear, after a hard day of work. Wherever that might be: on the 'front' line, or at home. Or just chilling, because of you being furloughed, chilling at home (as much as you can). I've done a lot today, and want to relax, especially with the long weekend ahead. So I think I might have found the perfect mix to accompany us all during this 4 day weekend!

01. Auscultation - Vanda

02. Jupiter Jax - Simple Pleasures

03. Cherushii - Nightsteps

04. James Booth - Flora

05. Cosby - Warehouse Fantasy Club

06. Alex Burkat - Tarot

07. Luca Lozano - The Fox

08. Lunate - Pawn Shop Romance

09. Pharaohs - Replicant Moods

10. Paradise 100 - Incroyablement Prop

11. Magic Touch - Passion

12. Octo Octa - I'm Trying

13. Shams - Piano Cloud

14. Fort Romeau - Jack Rollin

15. Maria Minerva - Black Magick (Lady Blacktronika's Garage Trip Mix)

16. Bobby Browser - Clubspinning

17. Roche - Stillhope

A full on unknown tracklist to me. Never seen any of these artists before, or ever heard any of these records before. But who really cares? You sometimes need to delve into the abyss, and just witness whatever is thrown at you. That's what I've done today, and it has made me a happier person. Everything music relates makes me happy in general, but during COVID-19, Soundcloud and Mixcloud are the two places that make me the happiest.

Can we just all agree that Octa Octa's 'I'm Trying' is such a gorgeous anthem? I've kept playing this record over and over again. This has got the most House vibes, crammed into one record. This repetitive record takes me back to the 90s. This record is full of mid 90s House vibes. Genuinely awesome record. And is this record using Amelia's vocals? Or Amelie? However you spell you, you know who I'm talking.

All in all, a splendid mix. I've loved it from the first to the last second. And it has increased my love for House. This mix has also given me the opportunity to explore new labels, and surely 100% Silk will be on my search list this weekend. If they have made/released similar records after 2015, I am going to be a happier man.

I've really enjoyed this 5 year 'old' mix. Maybe the DJ Mag should go through their 'hidden' and forgotten collection of mixes, and reupload more and more of these? Especially now the whole world is in lockdown?

Fantastic mix. Credit to the DJ who made this, and the label for releasing these awesome records!

DJ: Cherushii

Genre/Style: House, Deep House

Mix Info: The Sound Of: 100% Silk, Mixed By Cherushii

Length Mix: 01:10:51

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: 100% Silk - Soundcloud Page

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