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Thumpa - Best Of Raver Baby 2002-3 (75 Mins) (2013)

I am back with a brand new mix. Well, it's not strictly new, but I've never came across this one in the 7 years it's been online. You've already figured it out what kind of mix it is, if you haven't read the title of this blog. You've seen the image, and know immediately that this mix is a Raver Baby dedication mix. How about that, eh? A nice tribute mix of a legendary label. Not sure what really happened to it, if it is still active of defunct, but what I do know is the fact that it has released tons of amazing records. Records still much respected by the raving community.

The mix was made by DJ Thumpa, back in 2013(ish) and it's got some good reviews. People seem to still appreciate this label, and for good reasons. The label has had some amazing success, and Thumpa selected 16 records, and mixed them together beautifully. 72 minutes of Raver Baby madness, who doesn't like that?

It will be a trip down memory lane. And I'm guessing you've got the time to do that: storm Jorge is about to destroy our infrastructure, so let's stay indoors, crank up the volume, and let Thumpa's mix take you, back 17-18 years in time. The best years of UK Hardcore!

01. Breeze & UFO - Take Your Time

02. Breeze & Styles - Future Set

03. Styles - Do You Feel The Same

04. Force & Styles - Follow Me (Styles & Breeze Remix)

05. UFO - Breaka

06. Dowster & Uprise - Steps Ahead

07. Breeze & Styles - Home (At Last)

08. Breeze & Styles - The Beat Kicks

09. Dougal & Gammer - Fires In The Sky

10. Dowster & Uprise - Through The Trees (Dowster & Gammer Remix)

11. UFO & MC Marley - Connections

12. Breeze & Styles - Sonic

13. Breeze & Styles - Electric

14. Breeze & Styles - Total XTC

15. Bo & Luke - Angel

16. Breeze & Styles - You're Shining

Mixes like this one always makes me happier than I already am. It always contains records I've not heard in a long time. Or even ever! Thanks Thumpa, for giving me back my happiness. I'm sitting here, smile from ear to ear, and I'm really enjoying this trip back in time.

Obviously Breeze and Styles have had a huge impact on the scene, and Thumpa's selection contains a ton of their records, but also a few made by others, like UFO, Dowster, Uprise, and more. This is the kind of UK Hardcore I fell in love with many years ago. Not a fan of the early sound (90s UK Hardcore). I would pick this sound (00s) over anything. It was so ground breakingly good. So different, just what the scene needed.

This paved the way for a decade of happiness. We all fell in love with it, and it embraced us nicely. UK Hardcore became bigger and bigger, and even reached me across the pond. And Raver Baby records was one of the labels I really appreciated.

Thumpa's mix is just tight. No complaints whatsoever. Oh, and it's also a free download! So that's an added bonus. Even after 7 years it still spreads love and happiness.

Big mix. And only score will suffice:

DJ: Thumpa

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Best of Raver Baby 2002-3

Length Mix: 01:17:18

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 176 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: DJ Thumpa - Soundcloud Page

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