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Thunderdome 2021 - Warm Up Mix By Jehuty

Before you comment, I am fully aware it is 2022, this year's Thunderdome already took place, and that we live in 2022, not 2021. And that the 2022 edition is actually the one that should have taken place in 2021, but due to restrictions they decided to move it one year. My Gawd, it's getting complicated now, but hear me out. It all makes sense, when you think about it. In short, I found this mix only recently, and it was dedicated to Thunderdome 2021, which never took place, but took place one year later... I'm losing the plot let's focus on the mix instead.

Jehuty made this dedication mix, with a lot of new Hardcore anthems with the Millennium and Early Hardcore sounds combined, which makes it sound more interesting. I am still getting to grips of what the current Hardcore sounds like, and all its splintered styles like Frenchcore, Uptempo, and more. I am a Hardcore fan, but still cling on the older/earlier sound too much. Maybe I just don't want to grow up yet.

But I still gave this mix a go, and I'm certainly not the only one. 10.4k+ plays so far, And after quickly checking the tracklist, I knew most of the artists, so I decided to throw myself into the deep. That, what we call, Hardcore. Jehuty's mix is certainly one that would suit those people that went to Thunderdome. It's a good teaser and it's got a fair few wicked anthems in here.

Oops, nearly spoiled the outcome of this review! Let's not jump to conclusions yet, and have a look at the tracklist:

  1. Nosferatu - How Far We Can Go

  2. Hellsystem & Restrained - Lord Of Justice

  3. Paul Elstak - Hardcore Warrior

  4. Paul Elstak & Restrained - Toxic People

  5. Neophyte & Scott Brown - This One Is For You (Restrained Remix)

  6. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ 2012 (Neophyte & Tha Playah Remix)

  7. Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa (Angerfist Refix)

  8. N-Vitral - Thunderdome 2017 Mashup

  9. Deadly Guns - The Illest Days (Thunderdome Tribute)

  10. Guerrillas - Our Legacy (Official Thunderdome 2017 Anthem)

  11. INVADE & Alee - Fight For Glory

  12. DJ Mad Dog - Laughing Loud

  13. Destructive Tendencies & Audiofreq - Misfit

  14. Neophyte - Number One Fan (Remake)

  15. Wreck Reality - Brain Flip

  16. Never Surrender & Restrained - Rave Generator

  17. INVADE - Old School

  18. Chaos Project - The Devil

  19. Deadly Guns - From The Underground (Rave Core)

  20. Furyan - A Journey Through Memory

  21. Dither - Rave Machine

  22. N-Vitral - Hardcore Power

  23. Paul Elstak - Cut The Midrange

  24. DJ Paul Elstak & Deadly Guns - The Ultimate Paul Elstak Mash-Up

  25. N-Vitral & Dither - Ich Will Bass

  26. Restrained & Nosferatu feat Rob Gee - Lack Of Creativity

  27. DJ Mad Dog - Reset

  28. Furyan - Bass Journey (Miss K8 Remix)

  29. Killshot & Deadly Guns - Loca

I had this on in the car, on my way home, and the speakers were trembling. They were pounding so vigorously, I thought the car windows might break/shatter. Would it be worth it? Hell yeah. Hardcore can never be played at a volume lower than normal. It's MAX or nothing else.

Even though I'm an old school fanatic, I do appreciate the 'new' Hardcore more and more each day. And when the new tracks do touch upon the older records by taking snippets from them and updating them to the year of our Lord, 2022, it just makes it sound even better. And the bass is much, much better. It's deeper, harder, and rougher.

Obviously the best way to appreciate this, is to be at Thunderdome, and not sit in your car on the M25 around London. But, if you can't get to Thunderdome because it's sold out before you know it, the motorway is the best place to let the beats, bass, and melodies penetrate the chassis. And your eardrums, let's not forget those delicate eardrums. They will be fucked after this mix.

Jehuty's mix is dope. Carefully selected these 29 records, and wonderfully mixed together into a 70 minute long mix. And I wasn't a fan before, but I've certainly turned. Why? Well, it's still Hardcore, and it might be new, but still fucking rough and tough. And that's what I need.

I can't pick a favourite. Some are really dope as fuck, but there are too many to mention. So fuck it, no favourite today.

DJ: Jehuty

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo, Gabber

Mix Info: Thunderdome 2021 - Warm Up Mix By Jehuty

Length Mix: 01:10:02

Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021

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