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Thunderdome 2022 Warm Up Mix By Jehuty

Thunderdome 2022. 30 years since the first Thunderdome event. Three decades of the wizard raising his fists to the raving community. On the 10th of December the madness will start, and the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht will be the place where thousands of ravers will come together, and prepare themselves for a night to remember. History will be written, and it will be a memorable event. The line-up is one of dreams, and in 7 areas will the gabbers be greeted by the finest Hardcore DJs from all over the world. We are still a few months away, but it's not going to be that long. To get you all ready for Thunderdome XXX, Jehuty made this mix, filled with the hardest anthems you can find!

Thunderdome itself is now sold out, so if you wanted to go, you are a bit too late. You might find a few on the black market or Marktplaats or somewhere similar, but you have to do your research, as tickets for Thunderdome are as rare as an undercooked chicken (which is rare too!). But if you did secure a ticket, that's amazing, and I hope you have a wicked time!

To get you through the next few weeks until the actual event takes place, let's play this mix, and get those beats, bass, and melody run through your system! Jehuty's mix is filled with the coolest tunes, the finest Hardcore/Uptempo stuff money can buy. This is certainly not a mix for the faint hearted among us.

I am not a huge fan of the present day Hardcore sound, but I still appreciate it a lot. I just seem to listen to a lot of the early Hardcore stuff, the music I grew up with. But I will still give this hour and a half mix a go, as I need my daily dosage of Hardcore.

  1. Dither x Never Surrender - Do It Like This

  2. Nosferatu & Tha Playah - Beginning Of Time

  3. Miss K8 - Cold Nights

  4. Rejecta & Restrained - The Gambling Zone

  5. Irridiate & Da Mouth Of Madness - Sick And Tired

  6. Miss K8 & D-Sturb - Dope Shit

  7. Warface & Disarray - Middle Of Insanity

  8. D-Fence & Tha Watcher - Hardcore Bastard

  9. Irridiate & Dither - Falling

  10. Miss K8 & Deadly Guns - Bring Me Back

  11. Miss K8 - Don't Go

  12. Nosferatu & Disarray - Demonic Playgrounds

  13. Miss K8 & Detest - Chopper

  14. Nosferatu - Comforting Evil

  15. Imperial - #TheseDays

  16. Rejecta & Restrained & Karun - Bassdrum Addiction

  17. Restrained & Paul Elstak - Demolition Hardcore

  18. Never Surrender - Loco

  19. Irradiate & MC Livid - Endless Sacrifice

  20. Sickmode & Levenkhan & Rooler - Lesgooo

  21. N-Vitral & Killshot - Fat Beat

  22. F.Noize & Deadly Guns - Boss Fight

  23. Chaotic Brotherz x R3T3P - Loose My Mind

  24. Sasha F & Psychoweapon - Obey The Order

  25. Partyraiser & Furyan - Confusion

  26. Dimitri K & Roza - X-UP (chrizens Edit)

  27. Mind Compressor & Yoshiko - I Can't Get It

  28. Andy The Core & Republic - Life Ain't A Game

  29. Noxiouz & R3T3P - Black Sky

  30. GPF & D-Fence - No Money

  31. Trespassed feat MC Robs - Terrified

  32. Soublast - Be A Star

  33. Trespassed & Jax - Wanna Do

  34. Yunke - Extremely Dangerous

  35. Spitnoise & Barber - In The Jungle

  36. Deadly Guns x Dimitri K - Drunk At The Rave

  37. Never Surrender - Schrik Van De Stad

  38. Nosferatu - When The Devil Knows Your Name

  39. Soublast - Confession

  40. N-Vitral presents Bombsquad & Spitnoise - Deathblow

  41. Deadly Guns x Elite Enemy - Partyrockerz

I have to say, even though I'm not into the current Hardcore sound, it does blow up my JBL speaker system in my car! Fuck me sideways, the bass is nasty throughout this set. Jehuty has made a very interesting mix with a lot of speaker demolishing records.

I've had a few journeys on the M25, and this mix has been playing over and over. It has been very pleasant, that's for sure. But what is has proven me, is that I'm getting older, and I'm not following any trends. The youngsters obviously like things slightly harder and rougher, compared to what I grew up with. Oh shit, I've just turned into my parents: they never understood what I listened to, and never had an interest. Fuck me, it has officially happened!

But it's still Hardcore, isn't it? And it still gets me hyped up. I still gave it a go, and was really pleased to hear these songs. Unfortunately, I don't see them being all-time classics, like the early Hardcore anthems, but they are cool right now. and they will cause the Jaarbeurs to tremble.

A solid mix, and it's got 'Sick And Tired' in it. The melody is one of those that won't leave your head for days. And the lyrics have got a deeper meaning, which encapsulates me a lot.

I am not going to Thunderdome 2022. Couldn't get tickets, nor did I find the time to take a few days off to drive to NL. But if you are, have fun, and in the meantime, check out this mix. Even though it will never beat the early Hardcore sound, it's certainly a cool mix to listen to!

DJ: Jehuty

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Frenchcore

Mix Info: Thunderdome 2022 Warm Up Mix By Jehuty

Length Mix: 01:33:14

Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022


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