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Thunderdome - Lacerated By The Maw Of Destruction (2019)

This isn't the first time I've come across a fan made Thunderdome compilation, but it's certainly one which grabbed my attention. The cover art is just so damn splendid! Have you actually seen it? Just look at it. Don't know if the name is suitable, but it's still quite demonic, and rather cool. Just as the albums used to be, the same art style. And I freaking love it. You do see the occasional fan based albums, but none had such a wicked design! I really love it, no word of a lie.

Obviousy the main question is, does it do the Thunderdome compilation any justice? Should this have been part of the successful series released by ID&T? Well, that's up to you to decide, isn't it? But you have to agree that the cover is just so damn beautiful, as demonic as it might look.

But you are interested in the music. Is it Thunderdome worthy? What to expect? So, without any further ado, let's just jump straight into the tracklist, and the tracklist is one you need to look at. I'm not 100% sure if this would be in line with the Thunderdome compilation, but hey ho, who am I? Only a handful of artist which initially appeared on the compilations can be found on this, but what about those other ones? Are they any good? Let's see.

Here's the tracklist for this fan made Thunderdome compilation.

  1. DeFusion - Power Of The Dark Side

  2. DJ Ruffneck - 20 Bullits To Comply

  3. DJ Jordens - Temptated ll You

  4. Da Beatblower - Fuck Your S Off (Scott Brown Remix)

  5. Painbringer - Inner War

  6. Delta Nine - Do You Want It

  7. Q-Tex vs Technosis - Hardcore Science

  8. Freakin Fonz - Come And Get Busy On A Tempo

  9. Frank-E & Mars-L - Bust The Beat

  10. Interior - Into The Pit

  11. Short Circuit - Get A Little Deeper

  12. Re-Charge - The Dynamo

  13. DJ Arjuna - Let The Music Flow (Original Mix)

  14. DJ Zany - Fuckin' Problems

  15. Q-Tex - Get On The Floor

  16. DJ Mike Oh'Man - Dance To E.H.U. (Ruff Mix)

  17. Pandemonium - Welcome To Hell

  18. Old School Terrorists - Number 4

  19. Sigma 909 - KNOR

  20. Mad Shocker - Hardcore Butcher

You might look at the list and think 'this doesn't look much like a Thunderdome CD', and you have got a point. But it's not just the list that makes a Thunderdome album, it's the whole package. And is it any good, is it worthy to be called a decent fan album?

The fan behind this is DJ Ad, and he's done a marvellous job of keeping not only the name alive, but also keeping the hype surrounding the actual album series alive. They did leave the whole wicked album cover behind and went for quite a bland approach. And you might like or dislike it. For me the album covers were one of the reasons why I did buy the albums. I was and still am in awe of the designer. And this fan album certainly fits in there.

But the music. The music. Yes. Now, I'm not an expert, and if you know the answer, please fill me in, but it looks to me that the CD contains both old and new anthems. Maybe records which were released on B-sides? Whatever they are, they are certainly Hardcore anthems. Are they any good?

Yes. I do like the sound DJ Ad went for, when composing this fan album. So generic 90s, so generic old school. I do like this album a lot, and wish it was reality. Well, at least it's on Youtube for all of us to see and hear, eh?

So many anthems on here, which makes my underpants moist. I cannot choose one out of these 20 records. I really really like each and every one of them.

A wicked fan made album. More of these please!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore

CD Info: Thunderdome - Fan Made Album

Length CD: 01:28:52

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Release Year: 2019

Label: unknown

Product Number: unknown

Listen Here: Youtube Video

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