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Trance Rush Hour #3 (2024)

It is Tuesday, time for Trance. Well, truth be told, it's always time for Trance. And lately it's taken over this website. More and more Trance mixes make their way to this humbly little website. And today's mix is yet another smashing one. But the concept is thankfully not known to me anymore, but I'll explain that later. For now, the only thing you need to know, is that this mix is for those people stuck in rush hour. Millions of people are stuck in it every single day, and it's never a pleasant experience. But Eddie Swales can make it slightly bearable.

Rush hour is thankfully a thing of the past. Been a driver for many years, and have sat in traffic for what feels like a century, but changing jobs a few months ago was a blessing in disguise, as the journey from work or to work, is only 15 minutes. Never stuck. Well, only when the binmen are out. But otherwise never stuck. Do I miss rush hour? No, not really. But I do miss the length of the journey sometimes: 15 minutes is too short to listen to an awesome mix. Unless it's 15 minutes. But most of them aren't.

This mix is an hour long, and contains 10 records. And they are good anthems to listen to, when you are experiencing rush hour. Or even when you aren't in rush hour. Listen to it whenever, wherever. If you appreciate Trance music, you can listen to this at any given time. Hell, if you are at work, why not put this on, and enjoy yourself?

It's a mix worth listening to. Why not go crazy, and on a day off, just drive your car during rush hour, just to experience this mix as it should be experienced? Maybe too much to ask, but worth a shot.

  1. Armin van Buuren - Communication

  2. Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb Main Mix)

  3. Basic Avalon - Suspicious Love (JamX & De Leon's Dumonde Remix)

  4. Dumonde - Tomorrow (Full On Vocal Mix)

  5. Marino Stephano - Vision Control (Original Mix)

  6. Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm (DJ Tomcraft Remix)

  7. Boccaccio Life - The Secret Wish (Lange Remix)

  8. Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond 12'' Mix)

  9. Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (San Francisco Remix)

  10. Paul van Dyk feat Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You (Club MIx)

This is a very good looking tracklist, and leave it up to Eddie to make it sound smooth.

The tracks are all solid dancefloor smashers. Every single one of them. And the biggest of them all has to be 'Nothing But You', right? 'Pulverturm' got played so much, you could not avoid that song. And 'Tomorrow' was the biggest dancefloor hit when I went out clubbing. But I would give credit to 'Vision Control' for being this awesome masterpiece. What a brilliant record. Don't think I've heard this one in the last decade! Completely forgot it even existed, but what a powerful anthem.

Hell, Eddie even played a Madonna track! How that ever happened, Above & Beyond making a version of a Madonna song, I would not be able to tell. But it works.

It's a nice mix with the right records, that will give you enough energy to sit through traffic, for however long your journey might be. If it's longer than an hour, just repeat this mix. You'll thank me later.

Only love and appreciation for this mix. I'll definitely check out the other two mixes, and so should you!

DJ: Eddie Swales

Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Hard Trance

Mix Info: Trance Rush Hour #3

Length Mix: 00:59:42

Tracks: 10 (ten)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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