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When Trance Ruled The World V 'Communication' (2018)

It was only 5 days ago that I last reviewed a mix by the people behind the legendary Soundcloud channel 'History Of Happy Hardcore'. Well, I've got something special for you all, and it isn't Happy Hardcore! Yeah, that came as a shock, didn't it? I didn't see that one coming at all, but it amazed me from the first time I heard this mix.

I think I've only ever seen Happy Hardcore mixes on their channel, but it turns out they have got more to offer. And boy, this Trance mix I'm about to introduce you to, is beyond belief! A huge Trance fan since day one, and really stuck to it ever since. The late 90s/early 00s were so huge for music: the development of newer styles and genres. We've seen it all, and the majority have stuck with us, like Trance. But there's something magical about it. It captures your mood and changes it completely. It always makes you happy. Maybe a tad emotional, but still always happy.

As the title of this mix implies, they have selected a wonderful selection of awesome records. And boy, have I not heard these in a while! There's also a darker side to one of the records in this mix: it's one I want to have played at my funeral. It's that powerful. It's that beautiful. But we'll talk about it later (hint: it's my favourite record in this mix already).

01. Control Freaks - Subspace Interference

02. Free State - Different Ways

03. DJ Tom Stevens vs Koma Squad - Outface 2000 (Lac Terra Remixxx)

04. The Generator - Where Are You Now? (Moonman Remix)

05. Armin van Buuren - Communication (Original 12" Mix)

06. Dutch Force - Deadline

07. Yves Deruyter - Factor Y

08. Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space

09. Push - Universal Nation

10. Marco V - Simulated

11. Accadia - Into The Dawn (James Holden Remix)

12. Minimalistix - Close Cover (The Piano Track)

13. Lightforce - Join Me (Club Mix)

14. Push - Strange World (2000 Remake)

15. PPK - ResuRection (Space Club Mix)

16. Gouryella - Tenshi

17. Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Original 12" Instrumental)

18. OceanLab - Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix)

19. Yahel - Devotion (Armin van Buuren Mix)

20. Moonman - Galaxia

I don't know how he found all of these gems, but his selection is quite awesome. And it has blown me into a billion pieces. What a powerful selection. And it bloody turns out that this is the fifth instalment! They've made other mixes, focussed on Trance. You know what that means? Instead of Pornhub I'm going to enjoy myself this weekend, with a lot of tissues and hours of fun.

It still baffles me that these Trance records aren't played as much as they should. The quality of these records... it's just astonishing. They have stood the test of time, and they will remain classics long after we've left this earth. They were made by legendary names, who knew what they wanted to do with Trance. Depending on the artist, Trance music nowadays can be a disgrace. EDM Trance is no Trance. What History Of Happy Hardcore has selected, now that's Trance.

My favourite record is 'Close Cover' by Minimalistix. This quite 'simplistic' record is all I need to enter a heavenly atmosphere. It's called the paino track for a good reason. I can picture this record to be considered one of the biggest underrated Trance records of all time. It deserves more credit, more airtime. And no shoddy remakes, just the original will do. And no radio edits. This is Trance in its purest form. And by God, I can shed a tear when I hear this. So damn good.

But let's not underestimate 'Strange World' and ' Universal Nation'. Probably the top 2 records of all time. A fans favourite. These records are really the biggest records ever produced. If you somehow disagree, you can. But you know you are wrong.

Can't find anything wrong with this. Credits to History Of Happy Hardcore for making this mix. Maybe time to set up a second account for Trance music? I will check out the other mixes too, and if they are as great as this one, eargasms all the way!

Oh, and by the way: during those golden years, Trance did RULE THE WORLD.

DJ: History Of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: Trance

Mix Info: When Trance Ruled The World V 'Communication'

Length Mix: 02:09:29

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 296 MB

File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 320kbps More Information: History Of Happy Hardcore - Soundcloud Page

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