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Where Was Me In '93 (Oldskool Hardcore Set) (2011)

It's Bank Holiday monday, and the only thing we all want to do is sit down and do absolutely nothing. And when I say nothing, I do mean nothing. So let me introduce you to some mixes, starting with a nice oldskool Hardcore mix. This was recorded back in 2011 by Aject, and had some great feedback over the years. But who would give a bad score to an oldskool mix? You can't do that, and there's one simple reason for it: the music was much better back in the 90s.

I don't know anything about the DJ who mixed this together, so if you are interested, you do your own research. Let's talk about this mix and the records selected. If you were looking for a dark and edgy Hardcore mix, which contained the finest of the finest, don't go and search for another one: this is the one you need! Looking for Jungle? Looking for Drum and Bass? Looking for Breakbeat Hardcore? Seriously, don't go nowhere else!

The tracklist will blow the oldskool raver's mind into oblivion! Just absorb what you are seeing now:

01. Addicition - Wildstyle

02. Orca - Jungle Vibes

03. Kaotic Chemistry - LSD/Spacecakes Rampage! Vol 1 (DJ Edit)

04. MC Lethal - The Rave Digger (DJ SS 'Bad Boy' Foundation Mix)

05. DJ Spice - Brand New (Stressed Out Mix)

06. Tango - Can't Stop The Rush (Remix)

07. The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (155 And Rising)

08. Mad Dog - Monged Out

09. Jay-J & Devious D - Sensational Junglist

10. The Criminal Minds - Joyrider 2 (The Last Ride To Hell)

11. Neuromancer - Pennywise 2 (Twisted Mix)

12. Ben Intellect & Dica - Can't Stop The Pirates

13. Bay-B-Kane - Hyd & Seek

14. Marvelous Cain - CB4

15. The Prodigy - Charly (Trip Into Drum And Bass Version)

16. Anti-Chaos - Crazy Jungle

17. Keen - Keen Volume 2 Side A

18. Subject 13 - Armageddon Countdown (Blatant Remix)

19. Origination - Respect (Remix)

20. Aftermath - Everything Starts Now

21. JBL & Bigga - Respect

22. N.R.G. - He Never Lost His Hardcore

23. Raveology - Cymbols Of Raveology

24. DJ Massive - Getting Busy

25. XTRO - Toys Side B2

God, this mix is amazing! After reviewing for many years I've gained quite the knowledge regarding the artists, so this might have appeared unknown to me 10 years ago, but now these names do ring a bell. Can't tell you who was behind these act, but that's something I simply don't give a shiny shite about.

Aject's selection is a nice and dark selection. Yes, it contains The Prodigy, but you can't make an oldskool Hardcore mix and not include at least one of their tracks. The Prodigy have meant so much to the raving society, you can't exclude them, which Aject hasn't done. But are those the best records in this mix? Nope, there are a few others much better, and slightly darker.

I do love the bass in 'Crazy Jungle'. This is a record you need to hear when you are standing next to the speakers. And the best experience is to put your head in the actual speaker. You will be deaf for at least 24 hours, but it's worth it. The bass is just so damn low and filthy, LFO has got nothing on it!

A nice mix to get us going through this relaxing bank holiday Monday! We needed this! And the good thing? It's free (you can download it right now!)

DJ: Aject

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass

Mix Info: Where Was Me In '93 (Oldskool Hardcore Set)

Length Mix: 01:13:43

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 507 MB File Type: .flac

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Aject - Soundcloud Page

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