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1988 Acid House Mix - DJ Faydz (2018)

Sunday. Another day spent at home. Well, we all do it to keep each other safe, and free from COVID. Sometimes you do something special, like walking in the park, running, or do your weekly shopping. But most of us just sit indoors and do nothing spectacular. Well, I did something musical, but not of any interest to you guys: I put new strings on my wife's Fender guitar. That's the most musical thing I've done in a long time. I'd rather stick with reviewing mixes, and today I've got one which was released three years ago, and was mixed by DJ Faydz.

I always have some special feelings whenever I hear Acid House music. The sound itself was big during the late 80s, and sadly I was too young to understand it, or even to hear it (it wasn't that big on the radio), so I missed it completely. But over the years I've caught up on everything that I've missed. And the music, as basic as it sometimes might be, is so darn good. It was new, refreshing, and exciting at the time. It was so revolutionary, it spawned so many other styles. It gave birth to so much more than just House music. Alongside Techno, these two styles have been so influential for many producers and DJs.

It is nice to hear a proper 1988 Acid House mix, and it being mixed by DJ Faydz, that's an added bonus. This mix master knows exactly how to please the listeners, and with this mix he decided to go all out, and play the finest Acid House tunes from 1988. Mixed them together nicely. And it's certainly pleasuring to hear.

The tracks might sound rough and unedited, but don't forget: these tunes were released 33 years ago. Technology was in its early stages, and with the limited technological equipment they did make musical history. But the main question is, which records have been selected by DJ Faydz?

  1. Intro - 1988 BBC News Intro

  2. Armando - Land Of Confusion

  3. Fast Eddie - Hip House

  4. Separate Minds - 1st Bass

  5. Kraze - The Party

  6. Westbam - Monkey Say, Monkey Do

  7. Frankie Bones- Funky Acid Makossa

  8. 2 In A Room - Somebody In The House Say Yeah

  9. Adonis - No Way Back

  10. Phuture - Acid Tracks!

  11. Da Posse - In The Heat Of The Night

  12. Dancer - Boom Boom

  13. EON - Light Colour Sound

  14. Sleezy D - I've Lost Control

  15. Bam Bam - Where's Your Child

  16. The House Gang - Bango Acid

  17. Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Fantasy Girl

  18. Mr Lee - Pump Up London

  19. Charles B - Lack Of Love

  20. Phuture - Slam!

  21. Maurice Joshua & Hot Hands Hula - This Is Acid

  22. Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder

  23. Da Posse - It's My Life

  24. Seduction - Seduction

  25. Jomanda - Make My Body Rock

This is a cool mix to end the weekend with. Credits to the DJ for having the BBC News section as the intro. Oh how these people were wrong about Acid House, eh? It's not just about drugs. It is so much more than just drugs. I'm currently listening to it, and I'm not on drugs. But there might have been drugs involved during the 80s. Yeah, that's the truth. But the music is still alive and kicking, and it's so much more than just being cool to people who are on drugs, right?

The mix contains a lot of excellent anthems from 1988. Some well known, some obscure underground anthems, and one absolutely astonishing track, which has got to be in my top 3 Acid House most favourite anthems of all time. Let me just say that it's my favourite record of this mix, and if you've got another record, that's brilliant. But for me 'I've Lost Control' is just so damn dark, edgy, and so unique. I've not come across anything like this record since.

DJ Faydz delivers yet another wicked mix. Only a tiny bit of scratching at the beginning of the mix, but then the focus is fully on the music. But let's not forget to give DJ Faydz the credit for making this wicked Acid House mix. Truly astonishing, and the tracks are all ace. All of them.

It does make me wonder what happened to these producers? Did they know in 1988 that they were making groundbreaking music? Did they have a clue that they were cementing their names in music history?

Only love and appreciation for this mix. Show your love and support, and press play right now!

DJ: Faydz

Genre/Style: Acid House

Mix Info: 1988 Acid House Mix - DJ Faydz

Length Mix: 01:10:13

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2018

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DJ Faydz - Youtube Channel

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