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1994 - 1995 Old Skool Jungle Mix (Mickey Beam) (2024)

I always like to go back in time. When it comes to music, the older the better it is. Well, technically speaking that's not true, as I'm not a fan of cavemen (and women) music. But when I say old, I mean the 80s and 90s. Especially Dance music genres, like Jungle. Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, and the list goes on. I love to hear those glorious anthems again, and sometimes you do find specific channels on Soundcloud you just follow in an instance. Mickey Beam's channel is one of those that you just jump on immediately after hearing one of his mixes. And whenever new stuff is released, you are on it!

As it's lit. Whenever I see a new mix, I jump straight on it. And this one is slightly different, as it's a mix dedicated to 1994 and 1995, but it's a short one, but it certainly packs a punch. Powerful 40 minutes of Jungle anthems 30 years old (roughly). You wouldn't believe it, because they. are still extremely fresh sounding, and they still do a lot of damage in clubs and at events.

Everyone loves the 90s music, including yours truly. It's yet another amazing mix with some sick anthems. The first review of today had a lot of anthems I've not heard before, but with this one, all the songs are known. And loved too. And they should be played more often. But truth be told: these anthems were made 30 years ago, but they still resonate with crowds all over the world. A lost generation's voice is still kept alive, and for that I thank those that keep it alive. We need more mixes like this one.

But which ones are in this mix? Curious yet?

  1. The X - New Dawn (1St Files Remix)

  2. MA2 - Hearing Is Believing

  3. DRS feat Kenny Ken - Everyman (DJ Monk Remix)

  4. Remarc - R.I.P. (Original Mix)

  5. Krome & Time - The License (Krome & Time Remix)

  6. Krome & Time - Ganja Man Dubplate Special (Original Mix)

  7. Splash - Babylon

  8. DJ Exodus & Head Exposure - Rude Boy Dem

  9. Harmony & Extreme - Wicked & Bad

  10. L Double & Liccle D feat MC Det - Dub Plate Special

  11. Stakka & K Tee - Rugged & Raw

  12. Asend - The Dreamer

  13. Cool Hand Flex - Mercy Mercy

  14. Dopestyle - You Must Think First

  15. DJ Hype - Computerised Cops

  16. Roni Size & Krust - Formulate

  17. Dextrous & H-Pee - Hot Flame

  18. The Undercover Agent & Kriminal - World Mash Up (Original Mix)

  19. Shut & Up Dance - Bastarrds

There is something mesmerising with mixes like this one. I do love them, and cannot stop listening to them. And the more I listen to them, the more I get hooked. Hence why I always go back to Mickey's Soundcloud channel, to see if he's uploaded new mixes. The more, the merrier. Even when they are only 39 minutes long.

It's not the length that matters, it's the power of each anthem united into one mix that makes it worth while. The harmony of each song in this mix is tremendous, and it blends well together. The mix is only a short one, but it's powerful enough for you to keep on listening to it over and over again.

There are so many awesome anthems in here, but for once I'm not going to talk about a song. I want to talk about the transition between 'Ganja Man Dubplate Special' and 'Babylon'. That is one sexy transitioning bit. It is seriously insane, and once 'Babylon' hits, that's when all changes, but the transition is just super dope.

Another wicked mix by Mickey Beam. I suspect we will see and hear more in the future. Stay locked, and make sure you follow Mickey!!

DJ: Mickey Beam

Genre/Style: Jungle, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Ragga, Rave

Mix Info: 1994 - 1995 Old Skool Jungle Mix (Mickey Beam)

Length Mix: 00:39:29

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 90,3 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2024


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