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1998 to 2004 (Mostly) Under The Radar UK Hardcore (2020)

The other day I found this mix, which contains obscure and mostly forgotten about underground UK Hardcore anthems. And truth be told, a quick glance at the tracklist shows indeed records I've never seen before, nor heard before.Well, maybe one or two or the records selected by DJ Ectomorph have been heard by myself, but the majority of records are seriously underground records. My UK Hardcore collection is quite large (if I may say so), but these records I've not come across before. But also, I started listening to it since early 2002, so I've missed out on a lot.

When you find a mix with records like these ones, you are immediately drawn to it. Don't you just love it to hear something new every day, even though the records are 20+ years old? That's the reason why I review: 'new' music is always exciting. Gives me enough reasons to continue exploring this scene, and others too.

Ectomorph made this mix, and he already mentioned that there might be a few tiny errors in here, but he still kept it as it is, on Soundcloud, because it shows that it's raw. And heartfelt. That's nice. Mixing from vinyl is tricky, especially when no-one does it anymore, but it's still cool though.

The tracklist. Yes, you've been dying to see that since I mentioned the words 'obscure' and 'UK Hardcore'. Here it is:

01. Brisk - Set Free

02. Sy & Unknown - Command Your Soul

03. Interstate - Basic Nature

04. Juicy Cuts - Juicy Cuts Volume 7

05. Trixxy - Sunrise

06. Q-Tex - The First Parable

07. Kevin Energy - In Deep Trouble

08. Sy & Unknown - A Warped Optimism

09. Scott Brown - Return To Elysium

10. Interstate - Move Your Body

11. Sy & Unknown - Aural Illusion

12. Devastate, Menis & Dair - Deep Down Under

13. Sy & Unknown - Gonna Get Ya (Sy & Unknown Remix)

14. Scott Brown - Definition Of A Bad Boy

15. G-Spencer & Gammer - Space Exploration

16. DJ Kambel - No Jokin (Original Mix)

17. DJ Hooligan & The Preacher - Crackman

18. Fade & Dair - Burning NRG

19. Q-Tex - Let The Bass GO

20. The Vampire - Total XTC (4 The Floor Mix)

21. Interstate - Hardcore Hustler

22. Breeze & Styles - Future Set

23. Kevin Energy - Crescendos Of Ecstacy (Original Hard Trance Mix)

Wow. This is truly a collection of unknown records! You've got to remember that this kind of music wasn't big at all outside of the UK, so for me to find it, is a genuinely amazing thing. Not many Dutch people do appreciate it, sadly. But maybe they will after hearing this mix? Let's hope so.

The mix is filled with so many wicked anthems, it instantly should take the raving communtiy back to the golden years of UK Hardcore. 1998 to 2004 were good years. It paved the way for the next generation Hardcore fanatics, and the tunes from these years are still seen as classics. Ectomorph's selection obviously contains the more underground anthems, but play them at any rave in 2020, and everyone will loose their freaking minds!

The funny thing is that I started to like UK Hardcore from 2002 onwards, so I'm more into the newer sounding UK Hardcore. I still appreciate the older sound, but prefer the newer sound. But it's still nice to hear the origins of the sound, and the artists that made the sound so appealing.

A good set, with a few minor mistakes. But with some excellent anthems. What else could you ask for? Go and download this for free now, and take a trip back into time, 16+ years ago.

Best record? Well, it's a Q-Tex's record. Were you surprised? 'Let The Bass Go'. What an anthem!

DJ: Ectomorph

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Trancecore

Mix Info: 1998 to 2004 (Mostly) Under The Radar UK Hardcore

Length Mix: 01:12:48

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 166 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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