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2300 Followers Mix! (Mixed By Severe) (2021)

This Wednesday is powered by Uptempo Hardcore music It is well needed. It has been an exhausting week already, and we've got a few more days to go through. You need something powerful and hard as nails. Thankfully I've found a mix for you all to get you through the week. You might remember seeing a review a few weeks ago, and it was about a mix made by Severe. So, as you've already guessed it, he's made a new mix, seeing as he's reached 2300 followers on Soundcloud. A celebratory mix. Hopefully he will keep on releasing these types of mixes whenever he reaches another milestone, I need more of this.

So what's in store today? Well, really hard Uptempo Hardcore, mixed together by Severe. Don't know much about this DJ, but what I have to say that the few mixes I've already heard, mixed by him, are already top notch mixes. Rough and edgy as hell, but just what I needed to hear. Not a fan of every harder style like Frenchcore (just don't understand the fascination surrounding it), but Terror, Speedcore, and Uptempo I can appreciate a lot. Especially if the tunes are really hard as fuck and rough.

Sometimes you do find a record that blows your mind, and only a handful of weeks ago it was a track by DRS & Irradiate feat Tha Watcher that grabbed my attention. Maybe that's why I found this mix? Of course it is in here, but what else have Severe given us in this mix? Well, these songs:

  1. Andy The Core - Steal This (MBK Remix)

  2. MBK & Neox - Don't Give A Fuck

  3. System Overload & The Dark Horror - Propeller Blade

  4. DRS & Irradiate feat MC Tha Watcher - Warriors

  5. DRS & The Republic - Power 2 Da People

  6. DRS feat Madsin - Kingz (MBK Remix)

  7. System Overload - Mass Hypnosis (Chaotic Hostility Remix)

  8. The Dark Horror - MDFK Im Ill

  9. Angerkill & Yunke - Who The Fuck

  10. MBK & R3T3P - Heart Attack

  11. Angernoizer - Gunfight

  12. Yunke - Levitate

  13. The Motordogs & MBK - The Legends

  14. DRS feat Madsin - Wave Of The Future (Snakepit Anthem)

  15. Angernoizer - Insta Fake Shit

  16. MBK - Not Ganna Die Today (2021 Refix)

  17. System Overload - Like This (The Dark Horror Remix)

  18. Angernoizer, Insanity & FRX - Legends (Never Die)

  19. Yunke - Oldschool Rave

  20. Cryogenic - Wappie On Thunderdome

  21. Angernoizer - Demon Chopper

  22. DRS & Remix feat Madsin - Underground Music (Chaotic Hostility Remix)

  23. DRS & Angernoizer - HC Made Me Do It

  24. Yunke - Sacrifice

  25. MBK - Dance Like A Bull (Refix)

  26. MBK - Mental Disorder

If you needed something in your life that will wake you up and would give you an energy buzz/boost, Severe has got your back. This mix has been on repeat from 06:25am until now, 05:21pm. And it's been a great listening experience. It might have caused the neighbours to loose their minds, but do you think I'd give a shit?

No shits given. That's the vibe I'm getting. You get the BPMs thrown at you through your speakers, Within 55 minutes Severe takes you on a journey, one that will certainly heightens your anger. I can tell out of experience: I've been sitting here behind my desk for the last 8+ hours, sporadically raising my fists in the air, stomping the air, and bouncing my head up and down vigorously. I might have muscle and brain damage at the end of my shift, but it's oh so worth it.

You know deep down inside that some mixes will make you happy, and when I heard this mix for the first time, I knew that I was going to be a happy bunny. 55 minutes and 26 records later I am sitting behind my computer, soaking wet, like I've just had a sex marathon. It was oh so worth it, to press play to this mix, and you should do the same.

Best record? Ah, I was going for 'Warriors', but the bass in 'Like This' is something I've never heard of experienced before. Filth, fucking filth

Let Uptempo take over the rest of the week. Fuck it.

DJ: Severe

Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: 2300 Followers Mix!

Length Mix: 00:55:39

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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