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A.B Tracks Mixed By Cyrax (2020)

''Kids, let me tell you a story. The story is about a beautiful princess called A.B, who lived in a purple studio, and had a label called Stamina Records. The princess made beautiful Freeform music, and lived happily ever.'' Kind of a boring story, isn't it? Firstly, he's not a princess. He's a GOD. Secondly, he has done so much for the scene, and he goes mostly under the radar. He does have his own label called Stamina Records, and his studio is purple, but don't just brush him off as being 'another producer'. He's certainly a magician behind his studio set up. He's a legend.

I wouldn't say the same about Cyrax. He's so and so. He's alright. He's rocking a nice jacket though. Just look at the picture. Isn't he a handsome bloke? Don't assume that because of his funny videos and memes he's just a fool. He's more than just a fool. He's like me, a Freeform fanatic! The most underrated music genre in the whole world, besides Monopolynesian Drum Band Bass Cannon House. But on a serious note, we know that Freeform is underrated, and I fucking hate that no one recognises it for its true potential. Only the die-hard fanatics do know its power.

I simply don't get it. It's Trancey, it's hard, why isn't this on the big stage? Why are we not hearing this literally everywhere? Well, maybe the appeal is that it's still underground, and everything underground is sexy. But I wish that A.B gets the recognition for what he does. His music is so heavenly, awe inspiring, and so damn good. Don't think I'm saying that every other producer in the scene is horse shite, but come on, A.B is another league on his own. I am going to say it: he is Freeform. There, I've said it. Freeform fans, come at me, bro!

The Freeform fans know what I am saying. All PLUR. I do have a lot of respect for those making Freeform. And it's good that A.B gets recognised for his awesome producing skills, be it in the Trance scene. He's such a talented producer, and I understand why Cyrax made this nearly 2 hour long mix. And the fact that he was bored. That could be a reason?

Let's dive straight into the mix. No faffing around. Here are all the tracks:

  • A.B & Solution - Naneater (HU Intro Mix)

  • A.B - Qube

  • A.B & Kevin Energy - Samsara

  • A.B & Cyrax - Binary Star

  • A.B & Finnbarr - The Cabal

  • A.B - Shudder

  • A.B & Douglas - WDWWW

  • PeRCePTioN - Kill Zone (A,B's 'FFWD 2 RWD' Remix)

  • A.B - This (Transcend & Cyrax Disco Mode Remix)

  • Harry H & Equilibrium - Anything Is Possible (A.B's Rockstar Intro Remix)

  • A.B vs Metrix - Feels So Good (Jakka-B Remix)

  • A.B - Unproven Technology

  • Kevin Energy, Sharkey & K Complex - The Baptism (A.B & Amplitude Remix)

  • Cyrax vs A.B - Chronosphere

  • A.B - Back From The Dead

  • A.B - Awaken

  • A.B vs Freedom - Bloodline

  • A.B - Tekno1

  • Rikki Arkitech - Shadow Of a Memory (A.B Remix)

  • Douglas feat Dionne - Air (A.B Remix)

  • A,B & Amplitude - Thinking Machine (Douglas Remix)

  • A,B - Kielo

  • A.B & Nick235 feat Rhona - Silence A Prayer (Substanced Remix)

  • A,B - Infatuation

  • A.B - Carburettor

  • Kevin Energy & A.B - Piranha

  • A.B - Phoenix

  • Aeternity - Solar Fields (A,B Remix)

  • A.B & Douglas vs DJ Ned (CLSM) - Hold On

  • A.B - Relax

  • A.B - Crowd Geoff

  • A.B & Amplitude - Mambo

  • Gammer & Re-Con - Enya Stomp (A,B & Douglas Remix)

  • Douglas - Principia Mathematica (A.B's Progressive Underground Remix)

  • Lumina8 - Pretty Eyes (A.B Remix)

  • A.B & Synthwulf - The Cleansing

  • DJ Neon - Tribute (A.B Remix)

  • A.B & Douglas - TIWWA

  • Mooney & Ollie feat Kimberly vs A.B - Turn It Up

  • Flame & K Complex feat Louise Davies - Allure (A,B's C.O.T. Remix)

  • A.B vs Finnbarr - Stick Together

  • Transcend - Domination (A.B & Synthwulf Remix)

  • Transcend & Douglas - Massenya (A.B's Hardcore! Remix)

If this doesn't give you an erection, are you even Freeform, bro? Do you even lift bro? Are you swole? Fucking hell, I don't even know what I'm saying, I'm trying to stay down with the kids, but I am certainly not in their age gap. I'm old.

I have mentioned it above, but I'm going to say it again: A.B is a GOD. My God, the amount of awesome tracks, is just beyond me how he keeps making them. It's like everything he touches turns into gold. Or something else. But his studio must be super awesome, if he makes these fucking epic anthems in there constantly. No wonder Stamina Records is such a fantastic label. A.B, he is a GOD.

I can talk for hours and hours about each individual track, but I won't. I have to give Cyrax some credit for making this mix. Really good effort of him to make others aware of this epic producer. And he has succeeded with this mix. It's really entertaining, and it keeps my blood pumping fast, and hard. My heart beat is equal to the BPMs of this mix. Fuck me, we need more of these mixes.

We do need a 'Best Of A.B' CD. Come on people. Let's make sure it happens.

The tracks are all good. No word of a lie. Some even better. But there's one that stands out above all the rest, by a mile. And it's the best ever Freeform anthem EVER: 'This' by A.B, remixed by Transcend and bloody Cyrax! And I'm not saying that because he made this mix. This is genuinely the best record I've ever heard, and I can listen to it over and over, and it still doesn't get boring.

Worth checking out Stamina Records, A.B, and of course Cyrax. This mix will certainly pleasure you. It's filled with A.B, and who doesn't like a bit of A.B?

DJ: Cyrax

Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: A.B Tracks Mixed By Cyrax

Length Mix: 01:54:44

Tracks: 43 (fourty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 118 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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