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A Journey Through Evolution Records (2019)

DJ M@rt!n-J is back with another mix. We all know that he loves to make mixes, mostly dedication/appreciation mixes, and this time he's made one for the magical label that the UK raving community loves and has embraced since the mid 90s: Evolution Records. Run by the mighty Scott Brown, this label has seen the biggest and most respected UK Hardcore anthems being released by the man himself, and not just records made by himself, but also along a few big names such as Brisk, Cat Knight, Kelly C, and many more. To me, this is the most important label in the UK Hardcore history. Would you agree?

M@rt!n-J has made many excellent mixes, which I cannot find on Soundcloud anymore (sadly), but I know for sure that everyone will appreciate his latest one. As I said before, this label is important to all of us, and it has been a stable label, bringing us true raving anthems, and you will see that M@rt!n-J has selected 19 excellent anthems. All made by the King of UK Hardcore, Scott Brown.

This is his last mix of 2019, but don't worry: he'll be back in 2020 with a lot of new and exciting mixes. But for now, let's focus on Evolution Records, and an hour and 20 minutes long mega mix! And the mix will make you extremely happy. Unless you dislike Scott Brown. And if you do, why are you reading this? Are you even human?

01. Scott Brown - This Is How We Do It (Intro Mix)

02. Scott Brown - Make The Beat Drop

03. Scott Brown - Definition Of A Badboy (Hardcorevolution Mix)

04. Scott Brown - The Stranger

05. Plus System - Bassline Of The Century

06. Scott Brown feat DMO - Call My Name

07. Plus System - Darkness

08. Scott Brown - Why Should You Live

09. Scott Brown - Code

10. Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Essential Platinum Mix)

11. Scott Brown - Please Don't Cry

12. Scott Brown feat Robert Francis - Time To Runaway

13. Scott Brown - Life As We Know It

14. Plus System - Serial Killer

15. Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler

16. Scott Brown & Marc Smith - The Judgement

17. Scott Brown - Take A Final Breath

18. Scott Brown - We Can Dance

19. Scott Brown - Boomstick

Pornographic material. That's what the above tracklist is to me. If you want to get me aroused, you just need to show me a mix with Evolution Records in it, and I'm done. I think that each and every record in this mix is a masterpiece, a true Hardcore anthem. That's the magic behind Scott Brown and his label. He made extremely melodic tunes, and he makes them so well, that even years after its initial release, the tune will still be recognised by the mainstream followers and still appreciated by the masses.

I think that M@rt!n-J's mix will be a good one for those who love UK Hardcore, and it might become his biggest mix up to date. Don't get me wrong: his previous mixes were really good too, but this one just reaches the top. I've been a Scott Brown fan for many decades (since the early 90s, when he released Dutch Gabber music), and have bought many albums of him. His music always speaks to me more than other artists. And this mix symbolises how great the man is.

It was difficult to pick the best record in this mix. There are sooo many. But I'll take the safe option and say 'Boomstick'. A no-nonsense record, typical Rotterdam sound, and not only loved by the UK Hardcore masses, but also the Gabber community. Simple, yet very effective.

As usual, get this mix, and enjoy it, as much as I have. It's for free too (downloadable), so yes, Christmas has come early. And give not only Scott Brown love and appreciation by liking and buying everything he does, but also M@rt!n-J, for making excellent mixes!

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: A Journey Through Evolution Records

Length Mix: 01:19:07

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 181 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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