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A tribute to Jump [1] (2023)

When I think of Jump/Jumpstyle music, I always think of the Millennium years, when it grew out of its comfort zone, and it was everywhere. It was cool initially, but when it grew exponentially, and it was on each radio show, on each TV show, it became a nuisance. And especially when it became a thing of the next generation appreciating it and making fun of, by doing those Jumping videos, that's when I lost my appetite. Cool that you do the dance, but to have tutorials online and on TV, that's when it became too much. And videos of people jumping everywhere, that was just bollocks. But what many people don't know, is that the sound was already alive and kicking in the 90s. Yeah, it sounded slightly different, but it was still there.

The mix you are about to listen to, was made by Silvio Aquila, and is dedicated to the Jumpstyle records from mostly the 90s. The underrated side of Jump. Did I appreciate these anthems when they were hot? Not as much as I should have done: I was a full on Hardcore/Gabber fanatic, and anything else did not fit the bill. This was seen as too soft, and too bouncy. Little did I know that it was going to explode, and have people jumping all over the world.

The tunes in the mix would lay the foundation for the style that would become popular later on, but sometimes it's nice to go back in time, and appreciate the early stuff. And there's a lot of the early tunes in here, that I wouldn't even classify as early Jump, but they clearly were. Going back in time is sometimes needed, to reiterate how the music came about.

It does put my in the mood for some Millennium Jumpstyle though. But let's not go there yet, let's remain in the 90s!

  1. Angel Dust - Fanny's Trip (Original Mix)

  2. DJ Fred & Arnold T - Pop Hertz

  3. Ixxel - Drop That Beat

  4. Mory Klein - Kick That Bass

  5. Johnny Vicious - Ecstasy (DJ Wout Remix)

  6. DJ Fred & Arnold T - Wall Street

  7. Da Rick - Roll The Drums (Jumpers Mix)

  8. DJ Fred & Arnold T - Delirium

  9. Stormtraxx - Vol. 1

  10. The Traxxsters - Luv Cums (DJ Gert Mix)

  11. Da Rick - Dirty Hands

  12. Funny F - Funky

  13. Massiv - Rush

  14. Karlos Mendes - Sex-a-phone

  15. Dr. Phibes - Acid Story (Andy Bostyn & Bjorn Tijtgat Remix)

  16. Da Rick - Rumble

  17. DJ Starfighter - Apache

  18. The Rippers - F*ck Like A Donkey

  19. DJ Looney Tune - The Egg

  20. DJ Peter Project - Show Me The Way (Flip Da Hard Mix)

  21. Bounce Inc. feat DJ HS - Scratching

  22. DJ Frank - Dinner

  23. Da Rick - Bill & Monica (Original Slam)

  24. DJ Peter - Put Your Hands In The Air (DMF Mix)

  25. DJ Springer - Jerry's Theme (Jerry's Party Mix)

  26. Pulsation - Jump-a-round (Da Flip Mix 1)

  27. People Of Cactus - Traky (People Of Cactus Mix)

  28. Funny F - Creator (DJ Gert Mix)

  29. DJ Frank - Funkin' Seriious (Da Rick Classic Remix)

  30. Da Boy Tommy - Halloween (Trick Or Treat Mix)

  31. Diva Nova - Lick It (DJ Looney Tune Mix)

  32. Atlantis 6 - Life Is A Mystery (NRGY Remix)

  33. DJ Glenn & The Voltage Club - Wake Up For The Toxic Beat

  34. DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox

This takes me back. Thanks Silvio for this mix. Wasn't ready for it, but now I am jumping up and down in my living room. That could be because of this mix, or the amount of caffeine I have absorbed today. Who knows, but at least I'm enjoying myself.

This is indeed a mix that takes me back. I genuinely had no idea that some of these songs were classed as Jump. Yes, they had the bounce factor, but I'd never would assume that they would lay the foundation for Jumpstyle. It's probably because I'm ignorant lol.

It happens with all newly formed genres, they start off bumpy, and every so often a silly track is made. There's a few in here, some cringeworthy. Come on, like you would have 'Bill & Monica' on vinyl, or 'Jerry's Theme'? I know of these tracks, because they were everywhere back then, but were they amazing? The opposite. Even now, years after their initial release, do my toes curl.

But the general overview of this mix is good. Especially when 'Wake Up For The Toxic Beat' comes in. It always reminds me of Mysteryland 1998 CD, and DJ Promo playing it. Or was it Boris Valeo? It's on the disc as one of the first records, and it's a slammer.

A solid mix, and one that will make you bounce up and down! Nice one, Silvio, nice one!

DJ: Silvio Aquila

Genre/Style: Jump, Jumpstyle

Mix Info: A tribute to Jump [1]

Length Mix: 01:09:03

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 759 MB

File Type: wav

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 1411kbps

Release Year: 2023

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