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Steve Dekay Showcase Mix (2024)

Back in 2017, I purchased an album by a legendary DJ and producer, Sied van Riel. His album was called 'Rielism Volume Four', and his album was such a welcomed addition to the already amazing compilations by Sied. A lot of the tracks stood out, but ''Nyctophilia'' by Steve Dekay was one of the most surprising songs on the album. Never encountered the name Steve Dekay before, I surely started listening to more of his stuff, and over the years I've been reviewing a few things he's been involved with. A name you should be following too. Unless you dislike Trance.

I don't know much about Steve Dekay, but what I do know, is that every so often his songs crop up out of nowhere, and I'm amazed every time I hear them. He keeps me interested, and there are many fans of his music, including the one who made this showcase mix: Ian Jonno. His mix is roughly an hour and a half long, and you get a few of Steve's biggest hits. Unfortunately not the one which I adore the most, which is ''Nyctophilia''. But at least I've got Rielism Volume Four, eh?

What can we expect from this mix? To be in Trance Heaven, that's for sure. And a lot of extended versions of wicked anthems. No radio edits here. Who needs them anyway? Throw them in the bin. If the radio won't play these songs fully, then don't play them at all. Don't be silly, and shorten wicked tracks. Only full extended tracks here. And they are all Steve Dekay tracks, so you will be very pleased after the hour and 24 minutes. I know I was, the first time I heard this mxi.

  1. Steve Dekay - Dimorphis (Extended Mix)

  2. Steve Dekay - Mistica (Extended Mix)

  3. Steve Dekay - PLAYED-A-Live (Extended Mix)

  4. Steve Dekay - Crystal Eyes (Extended Mix)

  5. Steve Dekay - Colossal (Extended Mix)

  6. Mark Sherry & Steve Dekay - Smiler (Extended Mix )

  7. Steve Dekay - Twilight Rave (Extended Mix)

  8. Steve Dekay - Dancing In The Masquerade (Extended Mix)

  9. Steve Dekay - Oblivion (Extended Mix)

  10. Steve Dekay & H.M.B.L. - Starship (Original Mix)

  11. Steve Dekay & Ronniee - Signs (Extended Mix)

  12. Steve Dekay & Proyal - Soundscape (Extended Mix)

  13. Steve Dekay - Black Magic (Extended Mix)

  14. Ralphie B - Massive (Steve Dekay Extended Remix)

  15. Steve Dekay & Jan Miller - Melodrama (Abstract Vision Extended Remix)

  16. Steve Dekay & Hit The Bass - Purification (Extended Mix)

  17. Steve Dekay - Focus (Extended Mix)

  18. Steve Dekay - Beliefs (Extended Mix)

  19. Steve Dekay - Acid Rain (Extended Mix)

Oh, this is a very pleasant mix to listen to, with a lot of excellent records. The tracklist mix not be 100% correct, but if I made a mistake, please let me know.

But all in all, this is a fantastic mix with so many great anthems in here. I was going to complain more about the missing epic anthems, until I heard Steve Dekay's remix of 'Massive'. Yep, that gets my vote. The original was dope, this is even better than the original. Don't know how that is even physically possible.

It's a very solid mix, and Ian Jonno has done the artist justice by selecting these 19 records. The mix is very good, and you can get a glimpse of what Steve Dekay has to offer. And what he does offer, is wicked Trance anthems. You cannot complain at all, unless you really dislike Trance. But otherwise you surely must love this mix and what Steve's music does to you.

Go and check it out! An hour and 24 minutes of Steve Dekay, can't go wrong there!

DJ: Ian Jonno

Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance

Mix Info: Steve Dekay Showcase Mix

Length Mix: 01:24:53

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024


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