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Addict - Best (Pre) Workout Mix Ever (2023)

I am not the owner of a six pack, or swollen arms. I am not the Michelin man, but I do like to go to the gym at least once a week, just to keep myself in shape. I don't lift weights, as my shoulder is f*cked up and I've got pins in it, so I know my limitation, but what I do, is use the cross trainer instead, and it's a blessing, having a gym at work. But as I'm a music freak, I need music to keep me going through my 'work out'. And it cannot be anything soft, slow, or relaxing. My heartbeat goes up, and so should the BPMs. They shouldn't match though, because if they do, I might need to be in an ambulance. Yes, I do sometimes listen to Terror/Speedcore music, and those BPMs go through the roof. My heartbeat cannot handle those BPMs...

I need something with an specific kind of kick, and a bass. Hardstyle/Rawstyle/Hardcore, those are the styles that give me the most energy. You know what I'm talking about, right? You need something coming at you through your ears at a certain BPM. It needs to be as energetic as the work out you are about to do. For some it might not work, having these hard styles in their ears, but I do prefer something violent. Suits my work out ethic: if I don't give it 200% and I'm not sweating, why even bother?

And then, the other day, I found a mix by Addict, dedication to those that work out. A 50 minute long mix, with Hardstyle/Rawstyle anthems in it to keep you going, throughout a workout, or pre workout. Hell, you don't even need to do a workout: you can just enjoy it in your car, on the tube, train, or wherever you are. But if you are in a gym, it will certainly give you enough energy.

  1. Rooler - Boss

  2. Luner - Fall Apart

  3. Outsiders - Gimme Bass

  4. Kild - Never Ending Home

  5. Outsiders - Dom, Lomp & Famous

  6. Luner - By My Side

  7. Exproz - Flying

  8. Warface - I Need You

  9. Warface - Ooh La La

  10. Adjuzt - Take Me Away

  11. Adjuzt - Don't Care

  12. The Straikerz - The Baddest

  13. Vertile - No Sleep

  14. Rebelion & Vertile - Simulation

  15. Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power (Chaos Project Extended Remix)

  16. Snelle - Reunie (Outsiders Remix)

  17. Neophyte - Braincrackin' (Nosferatu Remix)

If you are about to hit the gym, don't worry, you don't need to look at the tracklist. Just press play and embrace the BPMs coming at you at a ferocious speed. It's only 50 minutes, so that should provide you with enough music, right?

My work out lasts an hour, so I don't know what to do during the last 10 minutes?

The mix is a good one with some insanely powerful anthems. It starts with 'Boss' by Rooler, which in itself gives you enough power to conquer not just the gym, but the whole world! And from the first record the power can be felt throughout the 50 minutes.

Some of the tracks aren't my cup of tea: they weren't as energetic as I hoped they would be. Those are mainly the Outsiders tracks. A bit boring. Give me Warface, Vertile, Rebelion, Adjuzt, etc, any day!

The best track has to be The Straikerz 'The Baddest'. Such a powerful track.

A nice mix. The 50 minute session will fly by without you even noticing it.

DJ: Addict

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore

Mix Info: Addict - Best (Pre) Workout Mix Ever

Length Mix: 00:50:40

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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