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Al Storm Presents: 24/7 Hardcore (Full Catalogue) (2018)

It's only been a few days ago, when I last heard an Al Storm/24/7 Hardcore mix. Remember the DJ Kore mix? Well, if you haven't, just search for it. Anyway, a few days ago Al Storm posted something on his Facebook page, and it's something people should be looking out for. And I'm not saying it because Al Storm is an artist I do admire, but it's because I know what it all means to the raving society. If you are into UK Hardcore, one of the labels to follow is 24/7 Hardcore.

This label has meant a lot to the society, and has been a ground breaking label since the beginning. The man behind it is obviously Al Storm, and the announcement he made a few weeks ago shocked everyone! You can now purchase the whole back catalogue of 24/7 Hardcore and get a few extra bits thrown in as extra, for a £100. And that's a bargain, seeing as you get +/- 280 tracks, which include 30 yet to be released records. So that's a bargain, probably the bargain of the century.

Let me point out one thing to you all, before you start moaning! I am not going to type the whole tracklist for all the records, I will be doing it until 7:14am tomorrow. There are simply too many records, but what I might do is just list a few records you can within this package. And it's easy to achieve too! Just go to , click, pay, send hima message, and he will send you a link. Simple as wiping your bottom. Unless you don't have one (a bottom I mean).

Here are a few records, and probably the main reason why I purchased this.

- Bang! - Shooting Star (Al Storm Remix)

- IYF & Nobody feat Roxie - Crystal Clear

- Al Storm - Dirtbox (Alex Prospect Mix)

- Al Storm feat Malaya - Everytime We Say Goodbye

- Al Storm - Madhouse

- Bang! - Sailaway (Al Storm & DJ Seduction Remix)

- Darwin & Skinny - Trip To Tiltups End

- Transcend - Alone In The Dark

- Al Storm & Euphony feat Donna Marie - All I Wanna Do (MOB Remix)

- Heaven 7 vs Al Storm - Dance With Me (Breakbeat Mix)

And I could go on and on, but I simply can't be arsed. I like my fingers and don't want to be in hospital due to an injury caused by typing the whole back catalogue. But let me help you: just CLICK HERE and it will take you to 24/7's Discogs page.

I don't need to point out how excellent it is, to find a label to release everything in one go. Yes, it might be a lot of money, but trust me, it's worth every penny. This could be an inspiring thing to purchase, if you are an upcoming DJ! Via this way you get to purchase everything in one go, instead of buying everything separately. And it's one of the leading UK Hardcore labels, pushing Hardcore for many years.

It's difficult to listen to this in one go. it will take me days to hear this.(well, technically speaking it's 21 hours, 50 minutes and 53 seconds, but we are all human and do need some sleep). But it's worth it. I've only touched the surface, but what I've seen so far is truly astonishing. Yes, he also added the cheesiest of records, but also slammers most of us have forgotten about. Like ' DJ Demand - Dark & Light (Re-Con Remix) . You've forgotten about that one, didn't ya? Now I didn't. Can't remember which tape I heard it on first, but it always stuck to me, and now I heard it, it made me a happy person.

Seeing this coming through makes a raver go loopy. I went insane. But now it all makes sense, and the next few days the neighbours will listen to 24/7 Hardcore. There's a good reason for it: it's a damn good label. And when the Crazy Dutchman says it, he means it. He fucking well believes it.

Be warned, this offer will not be available for long. This is a one off. This could be online for weeks, and after that it might be gone. It's all up to Al Storm. Maybe he has a target: once he hits that, it's gone. Like DJ Ham's '100' album. So don't hesitate, and purchase his.

Artists: Various Artists

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, Bounce

Back Catalogue Info: Full 24/7 Hardcore Back Catalogue + exclusive unreleased records

Length Back Catalogue: 21:50:53

Tracks: +/- 280 (two-hundred eighty)

Download/Listen (via Paypal): CLICK HERE FOR PURCHASE

File Size: 3.03 GB

File Type: .zip

Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Al Storm - Facebook Fanpage

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